Van mounted carpet steam cleaning

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Professional Carpet Cleaning from Accel Carpet Cleaning

Accel Carpet cleaning carries out truck-mounted cleaning. Truck-mounted carpet cleaning machines are the most powerful extraction machines in the market.
The truck-mounted machines mean that the working technician will not go repeatedly over the trouble spots and traffic stains many times to clean if he is using a truck-mounted machine. This happens because of the high temperature. The solution penetrates the carpet and is thoroughly remove by superior suction. And it dries faster and leaves fewer residues into your

carpets. And there is less damage to your carpet from repetitive cleaning strokes. That is why the van-mounted units perform the best service. If you need your entire home of carpets cleaned, you should know which company can accommodate you with a truck-mounted unit.
The temperature of the water is high and a higher PSI also which allows the steam and cleaning solutions to reach deeper into your carpets. Due to their great suction power, it allows less water and residues to be left in your carpets when the work is done.

Why is it important to clean a carpet?

If you want to preserve the luxurious nature of your carpets than using the latest technology with qualified technicians is a must.
The best cleaning methods are:

  1.  Standard steam clean – if you have well maintained your carpet than it just needs a good clean without any fuss. It’s a basic cleaning package.
  2.  Deluxe clean – all the difficult stains are removed and a basic spot. Enjoy meticulously cleaned carpets.
  3. Deluxe and super dry – this luxurious cleaning will take a lot of time of 4 to 5 hours.
  4. Move out carpet clean – this method is designed for the tenants who have to change house often.

What is steam cleaning?

The most popular method is known as steam cleaning. This type of cleaning doesn’t use steam but uses high pressure to push very hot water along with a cleaning solution, into the carpet. And then the moisture is removed by suction. It takes 24 hours for the carpet to dry. Most manufacturers suggest using a steam cleaner for deep cleaning. And the homeowners should do it
because it keeps the carpet warranty valid on the floor. Carpet cleaners use vehicle-mounted equipment for more powerful suction.

Carpet Steam Cleaning


What are the steps taken for steam carpet cleaning by Accel Carpet Cleaning?

  1.  Inspection – once the Accel Cleaning team arrives at your home, the pre-inspection is done. The leader walks all over your house and explains to you the procedure for cleaning.
  2. Remove everything from the house – remove all the general clutter from the floor. Move all the furniture too. Clear as much as you can. You cannot steam clean the carpet completely if you leave furniture in the room. And if you do not have another room, then make two sections.
    Keep the furniture in one section. And clean the other section and then when it dries, shift the furniture to the already cleaned half.
  3.  Dusting the baseboards and vacuum – dusting the baseboards beforehand is important. Use a cloth with wood polish with a long handle duster to remove as much dust. And a professional grade
    vacuum is used in the open areas, to remove loose soil.
  4. Pre-spot – all the spots present on the carpet are pretreated first with a super spotter. They start cleaning the stains and sometimes a more extensive method is used to remove the large and stubborn stains.Sometimes the process can change as needed.
  5. Carpet cleaning – carpets will be agitated with a carpet groomer or rotating brush. The soil gets loosen and pet hairs are removed.
  6. Steam cleaning – we steam clean your carpets with a powerful truck-mounted equipment.
  7. Extract and rinse – after loosening the soil, our truck-mounted hot water extraction cleaning process will flush the carpet pile. This will restore the beauty of your carpet and provide a healthy leaving environment.
  8. Speed dry – high-velocity air movers are placed on the carpet after cleaning to accelerate the drying time.
  9. Protection of carpet – after cleaning, the carpet is groomed in one direction for faster drying and a good look. And again, carpet protection is re-applied after cleaning. This is necessary because it makes the carpet stain-resistant and cleans for a long time.
  10. Post cleaning inspection – after the job is done, the team leader walks over and inspects and discuss with him about the stubborn stains.

Benefits of steam carpet cleaning:

  •  Steam carpet cleaning removes pollutants – there can be cockroach allergens, pet dander, and dead bugs, etc. lead and other particles can be trapped from outside or workplace. Carpets can also absorb organic compounds from paints, cigarette smoke, and other sources. These pollutants can be released into your indoor air. Children playing on the carpet are much likely to meet these allergens. Thus, this kind of carpet cleaning is vital.
  •  Clears dust mites – these mites are inside your home staying in the sofas, bedding, curtains fabric toys, etc. so these dust mites are killed as we clean.
  • Molds are prevented – keeping your carpet dry is the best idea. Moisture is tracked on the carpet during rains and snows. So, after blotting drying and vacuuming helps prevent the mold.
  •  We use machines and fans needed to extract the water, clean, and dry out your carpets.
  • Extension of carpet life after deep cleaning. Every 12 to 18 months. So,
    steam extraction for deep carpet cleaning is the best.
  • Good impression and restoration – you will enjoy peace of mind that comes after cleaning the carpet. When you take this necessary step to protect your loved ones. And walking barefoot on the soft, freshly cleaned carpet is a great feeling of relaxation.


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