Carpet Cleaning Burien WA

Every diligent housewife regularly vacuums her carpets, but there comes a time when such processing is no longer enough. There are some types of contaminants that cannot be destroyed on their own – they are eaten very deep into the pile of fabric. And then the question arises about the professional cleaning of carpets with the help of the specialists of the cleaning company.

Cleaning of carpets and flooring should not be postponed for a long time, since postponing will lead to the need to replace the coating and dry cleaning will no longer help in this situation.

Accel Carpet Cleaning Burien WA provides a cleaning service for carpet cleaning, both natural and artificial to provide this type of service in dry cleaning, a carpet cleaning workshop was created, which is equipped with the necessary machines for the implementation of the service of cleaning carpets. The carpet cleaning workshop is essentially nothing more than a carpet dry-cleaner, that is, a mini-enterprise with a full range of services.

Carpet Cleaning Burien WA

About Accel Carpet Cleaning Burien WA:

Accel Carpet Cleaning in Burien WA is specialized in providing carpet cleaning services since 1994. We are trusted by some of the largest organizations in the city, ordering cleaning services. A wide range of carpet cleaning services is presented to your attention. We consider it important and necessary to carry out our work efficiently and on time. 

If you do not like to do carpet cleaning, then you should entrust this event to Accel Cleaning company in Burien WA to do it professionally, using special equipment, safe detergents, and do it by trained specialists. Accel Cleaning company is a staffed highly qualified staff in various areas related to cleaning.

Our experienced managers work with a visit to the object: they will advise you and help you correctly assess the area of ​​the premises, the volume of the proposed work. It is important for us to accompany the client at every stage of decision-making. We look forward to long-term cooperation!

Accel Cleaning Burien WA Provided Services:

It is imperative to have your carpet professionally cleaned quickly if it has suffered from urine, blood, coffee, juice, grease, or ink stains. The sooner a thing falls into the caring hands of dry cleaning masters, the more chances it has to regain its former appearance. Moreover, the cost of the service is much less than the price of a new product.

During the year, 1 sq. up to 2.5 kg of dust can accumulate per meter of coverage. This is unacceptable from the point of view of the hygiene of a home, office, or commercial space.

Accel Cleaning company in Burien WA provides such services as dry cleaning of carpets, sofas, and upholstered furniture. Dry cleaning is performed by experienced trained craftsmen in special stationary equipment.

We hold positive reviews, letters of recommendation from our customers and clients that make us the best Carpet cleaning Burien WA. The services provided below are…

Dry Cleaning Of Carpets:

Dry cleaning of carpets at home is a structured and rather complex technological process when it comes to carpet cleaning, synthetic carpets, and factory-made carpets: first, they are processed with a powerful vacuum cleaner, removing surface contamination.

Further, a specialized shampoo is used, which raises dirt particles to the surface of the carpet. The powerful extractor removes any remaining dirt in the next step. The carpet is cleaned both inside and out, returning to its original appearance: attractive and fresh.

Natural carpets require more care and attention, as well as the use of gentle products. Depending on the composition, such coatings are cleaned by hand or only dry.

Carpet Cleaning Burien WA

Upholstery Cleaning:

Upholstered furniture cleaning uses water-based solutions and is produced using our highly specialized equipment to ensure that our cleaning products do not seep through the upholstery and into your upholstered furniture fillers.

Our experts recommend removing stains, removing dirt from upholstered furniture made of different types of materials. Dry cleaning of upholstered furniture is safe for health, does not contain toxic materials, substances are biologically safe.

Hardwood Cleaning:

Hardwood is a type of flooring made of strips or blocks of wood forming a pattern. Hardwood flooring is considered a sign of style and wealth. Despite all the attractions, floors of this type have two properties – they absorb moisture and, when moisture dries with chemicals, they lose their shine. Therefore, proper parquet maintenance is an important part of its operation.

Hardwood Cleaning professional care and regular cleaning. This allows you to maintain the fresh appearance of the floor covering and renew it without sanding over the years. Professional cleaning of Hardwood floor is modern equipment plus special means for cleaning and restoring varnish film or oil coating. In the process of maintenance, small scratches, greasy stains, and ingrained dirt are removed – the floor becomes like new.

Accel cleaning in Burien WA cleans hardwood floors in a wet cleaning method. Wet cleaning is carried out with a well-wrung out cloth or mop pad. If, after wiping, drops or streaks remain on the parquet, they must be completely dried.

Separately, we add that washing vacuum cleaners are not suitable for cleaning parquet flooring, as they supply an excessive amount of moisture. In general, the daily maintenance of a parquet floor is not much different from cleaning any other surface. The only feature is the avoidance of direct contact of the seams with water, which can destroy the structure of the board.

Van Mounted Carpet Steam Cleaning:

Steam cleaning carpets is also suitable for wool, it destroys dirt and germs, dust mites. With such a delicate approach, we fully guarantee the quality, and the price even for such a specific service remains affordable.

Dirty carpets not only look untidy, but they also smell unpleasant and can exacerbate allergies. Vacuum cleaners collect most of the dirt and dust, however, they cannot clean the entire carpet. To remove oily stains and dirt, a vacuum cleaner is not enough; the carpet must be cleaned with steam.

Cleaning research has shown that steam provides the highest quality results. Steam cleaning means softening dirt and mildew, including the toughest stains. The high temperature and pressure applied by the steam cleaner cause dirt and mildew to separate from the carpet fibers.

After softening, the dirt is easily sucked in by a powerful vacuum cleaner and sent to the reservoir of the dust collector. In the case of conventional vacuum cleaners, there is no steam function, therefore, only volatile dirt is removed on the surface of the carpet, while complex stains remain.

Carpet Cleaning Burien WA

Tile & Grout Cleaning:

After all, no matter how hard we try to protect the tiles in the bathroom from contamination, cement mortar, tile glue, grout, and other technical building mixtures still get on it. With a large selection of various finishing materials, inexpensive and not at all cheap, ceramic tiles are still in demand and highly popular.

We Accel cleaning in Burien WA pay special attention to the salvage and restoration of damaged tiles. In most cases, we manage to restore the tiles without dismantling and re-laying. We can afford to set reasonable prices due to good volumes and experience, which allows us to carry out the same volumes but in a much shorter time than others, and without losing quality.

By contacting our cleaning company, the customer will receive a high-quality service at an affordable price.

Why Choose Accel Cleaning Burien WA?

In many residential and office premises, carpets are an interior decoration and add warmth and comfort: children crawl on them, they attenuate sounds, and also collect dust, thereby reducing its amount in the room air.

However, in order to prolong the life of the pile and maintain its proper hygiene, daily vacuuming will eventually stop giving the desired result, since it can only cope with surface debris and dust.

But, unfortunately, without this, it is impossible to get rid of parasites – dust mites, stains, and dirt that have penetrated deep into the pile of your favorite carpet. That is when you need to go for professional carpet cleaners. So, let’s know here why to choose Accel cleaning company in Burien WA.

Guarantee Of Cleanliness:

Accel cleaning in Burien WA carpet cleaners is capable of professional carpet cleaning. Cleaning companies provide their employees with all the necessary equipment, equipment, and a set of detergents that are most suitable for a particular type of carpet product and various types of contamination.

In the course of work, harmful microorganisms and dust parasites – mites are removed in parallel. The result of a dry-cleaner is fresh and truly clean carpets that are not only pleasant but also safe to use.

Carpet Cleaning Burien WA

Remove Odor From Carpet:

For any carpet cleaning, we treat your products with chemicals. Many carpets have already been “used” by your pets, which is why they have not only wool but also an unpleasant smell left from animals.

This smell is even more pronounced in dry cleaning when under the influence of steam and chemicals or simple washing, carpets begin to emit a smell through evaporation. We try to remove all odors from your carpet, but keep in mind that animal odors, cannot be destroyed.

Practice shows that after a few cleanings of your carpet, we achieve better results, and there will no longer be such a pungent smell from your things.

Drying Carpets:

This is one of the most important conditions, which is also related to the timing of the order. We do not dry your things by spreading them out on the Car Wash gates, we have professional machines that dry your products.

Carpet drying is the most costly process in the dry cleaning process, as it takes a lot of energy to dry your carpet, especially in winter when the outside temperature is low or in high humidity conditions, but the result is worth it. It is precise because we do not dry your carpets on the railings that we accept carpets for cleaning all year round.

Carpet Cleaning Burien WA

Carpet Cleaning Time:

The time frame depends on the size of your product and the degree of dirtiness. But Accel cleaning in Burien WA delivers you a clean and hygienic place on a sort of times.

Quality Dry Cleaning Of Carpets:

Carpets can be dry cleaned with dry cleaning machines or washed with water. Water is never used to clean woolen and natural carpets; the water here will only be harmful. Dry cleaning a carpet is dry cleaning without water, but it does not mean that dry cleaning is without liquid, the liquid here is just chemicals.

Gives Your Carpets Second Life:

To give your carpets or carpets a second life, to restore cleanliness and comfort to the room, and to keep the owners, their children, and pets healthy, it is worth resorting to the services of a cleaning company. Its specialists will cope with any volume and complexity of work in a short time.

Carpet Cleaning Burien WA


The Accel cleaning company in Burien WA comprehensively cares about improving the quality of services. The production uses exclusively safe, environmentally friendly cleaning agents, high-performance professional equipment.

The qualifications and rich experience of the factory’s specialists allow us to carry out work quickly, efficiently, with minimal risks. We thoroughly clean carpets made from all materials known today.

We offer a number of additional services, including treatment against moths, ozonation, removal of mold, mildew, unpleasant odors, water-repellent impregnations.


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How long will furniture and carpets dry after cleaning?

Furniture and carpets will dry from 2 to 24 hours depending on pollution and temperature, room humidity.

How do you wash carpets?

We use our special carpet cleaning shampoo for washing carpets.

specialized detergents

• these are world standards for the production of carpet detergents

• it is a modern technology for the manufacture of carpet products

• it is a guarantee of quality products

Carpet Cleaning Burien WA

Do you provide a stain removal guarantee?

Unfortunately, no company can give a 100% guarantee for stain removal. The fresher the stain and the fewer attempts you have made to remove it yourself, the higher the chance of removing it. Fortunately, most stains are easy to remove.

What are the ways of carpet cleaning?

There are currently three main cleaning methods for carpets: wet cleaning (recommended for most synthetic carpets), steam cleaning (cleaning wool and handmade carpets), and foam cleaning (intermediate cleaning option for carpets with glued backing)

Would wet cleaning ruin the carpet when cleaning it at home?

Modern production technologies allow you to remove about 80-90% moisture from the carpet using specialized carpet cleaning equipment. Also, if necessary, a forced drying of the carpet is carried out using a blower to remove residual moisture. When cleaning in the workshop, carpets are dried and ozonized in a special dryer with powerful ventilation.

It is believed that the carpet gets dirty faster after cleaning. Is this true?

Modern cleaning methods remove all cleaning agents from the fibers of the carpet, so it does not attract dirt.

Do cleaning or dry cleaning chemicals have a strong odor?

No, chemistry has light odors. All products are hypoallergenic, do not harm people, animals or the environment.

Carpet Cleaning Burien WA

Do chemical odors remain after dry cleaning?

No. All odors disappear within half an hour after processing.

How often should you dry-clean carpets or upholstered furniture?

It is recommended to carry out wet-dry cleaning at least 2 times a year.

How does professional cleaning differ from daily cleaning?

Supportive cleaning is one that keeps the room clean on a daily basis. Imagine: you cleaned up in the evening after work, took the children to school in the morning, come home from work – and again there is a mess at home: dishes are unwashed, toys, books are scattered about.

Again, you need to get everything in order. If you bring in carpet cleaners for a maintenance cleaning, you will return from work to an impeccably tidy home. It’s the same in the office: clutter is inevitable after the end of the working day. So ordering maintenance cleaning is very practical and, by the way, not so expensive. Take care of your energy – you will still need them, and entrust the cleaning to us.

How long will it take for upholstery cleaning?

On average, about two to three hours. The exact cleaning time depends on the size of the furniture, the upholstery materials, and the degree of soiling. We do not limit the work of our specialists to a time frame, so they will clean your furniture until the result is obtained.

Will the upholstery remain intact?

We take full responsibility for preserving the presentation of your upholstered furniture. We use delicate smart cleaning technologies. Cleaning agents are selected individually for the material and structure of the upholstery. The entire cleaning process is finely regulated and controlled by the operator. We receive from you in advance all the information about how the furniture was cleaned before us, and we take this into account in the process of work.

After cleaning the furniture, how long will it take to use the furniture again?

After finishing work on dry cleaning of furniture or carpets, the product dries within 4 hours at normal room temperature. By ordering dry cleaning work in the morning, you will be able to return to the usual rhythm of life in a clean and renewed interior by the evening.