Tile and Grout cleaning

Tile & Grout cleaning

What do you mean by grouting?

Maintaining the tiles and hygiene of the tiles is especially important. Tile floor cleaning should be done properly. There are different ways of treating, porcelain, ceramic, marble, and natural stone tiles. And cleaning the grout lines is also equally important. Before you start cleaning the tiles you must know what kind of tiles they are. Because if you use mismatch products on the tiles, you can harm the tiles.

  • Porcelain and ceramic tiles – they are simplest to maintain. They can bear most cleaning agents without losing their shine. They do not scratch easily. Use any mild cleaner with warm water on these types of tiles. They also hide dirt and germs. It’s better to scrub them for the sake of family
    health. Microfiber dusters, disposable cleaning cloth, vacuum, microfiber mop, can be used every day and there are even reusable pads which clean corners also.
  •  Natural stone tiles look beautiful but need a lot of care. Easily get scratched. We cannot use a rough broom over it. Always use a soft bristle model, vacuum for tile flooring. For washing the stone tile, you will require PH neutral which will not stain your floor. So, these tiles require light maintenance and quality products and they are long-lasting.

How to clean grout lines?

If you clean grout lines regularly than it will not discolor your tiles. Use cleaning products without harsh chemicals.
A good grout cleaner makes your tiles sparkle. Use a soft bristle brush to loosen the dirt and scrub away stains. A steam cleaner also helps to sanitize and loosen dirt trapped in the grout.


How to clean dirty tile floors?

Sweep and remove all the debris before moping. Because it can cause scratches. Dirt can seep into the grout; germs can thrive, and grout can discolor. Resulting in worn-out looking floors.
Choose proper cleaning agents according to the type of quality. And for grout use a special grout cleaner.

What will happen if you do not clean tiles and grout?

It is especially important to clean the dirt settled on the floor. It is relatively easy to clean tiles. There are many ways to keep these floors looking as fresh and shiny as they appeared on the first day. The problem will arise when you are lazy to act of sweeping and mopping every day. These problems occur if you do not take care of tiles and grout.

  1. A dirty appearance – no matter how busy you are in life and even if you mop the floor; the dirt, the dust, and mold are collected in the grout making it look dark. It is not a healthy thing. Use the correct method to keep your floor looking fresh and clean.
  2.  Dust – the environmental factors are more responsible for the dust. If it is a roadside house especially. Plus, the rain wind and the sun are also responsible for dirt. It settles in the grout making your home more prone to unhealthy conditions.
  3.  Dirt layers – if sweeping or mopping is not done time to time than layers of dirt are settled for weeks and months covering the floors and grouts.
  4.  Mold grows when the temperatures and humidity come together. Molds are ever ready waiting for heat humidity sources and food sources. When it is a big family and guests come often then, the things happening such as food and drinks accidentally, dirty the floor and the paws of your pets make it up for the mold growth. And this is the mold that affects the health of the people.

The tile and grout cleaning should be routine of typical cleaning habits. By doing this your tile can look brand new and fresh.
Professional tile and grout cleaning – there are certain areas of the home, which only the professionals can accomplish.
Due to the various areas susceptible to food spills, and therefore disease-causing bacteria and soiling dangerous allergens and bacteria can form so rejuvenating the tiles with expert help will take care of the tiles and grout.

The overtime fixed spills and dirt into the grout is not cleaned by hand. So, professionals should be employed to clean with their techniques and equipment which we cannot scrub and mop.
Sealants are applied by the professionals after cleaning tile and grout. Because sealant wears overtime and requires reapplying. The grout is resealed to keep away the germs and prolong the tile life.
It is quite easy to clean tiles with the correct supplies. Use microfiber mops, steam cleaners, and lightweight vacuums that are indispensable. Let the tiles dry after moping. If you take care of the floor, they will last longer. Sweep and apply cleaner often.


Cost-effective Accel Tiles and Grout Cleaning-

The powerful solutions and equipment used by the
Accel professionals are not easily found in the market. We save your time and money. Our professionals
will also guide you to take care of your tiles after cleaning.

Cost of the tiles and grout cleaning:


Tile and grout cleaning services$3 per sq. ft
Steamer$1 per sq. ft
Chemical dry$3 per sq. ft
Professional power washing service$0.80 per sq. ft
ft Grout scrubbing/ sanitizing$2 per sq. ft
Tile cleaning and stain removal$3 per sq. ft
sealing$6 per sq. ft

Note that the cost of the work may vary according to the usage of your floor and kitchen tiles which are prone to grease.

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