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Carpet is an element of the interior, thanks to which in any room, whether it be an apartment or an office, it becomes homely cozy, and warm. It doesn’t matter what material the carpet or carpet is made of: a large amount of dust inevitably settles on the surface, and persistent stains are formed. Do-it-yourself carpet cleaning or washing using products from a store does not always give the desired result, which is why it is better to order a professional carpet and carpet dry cleaning.

Accel Carpet Cleaning Auburn service offers dry cleaning of carpets of the following types: silk, woolen, or inexpensive synthetic carpet at the customer’s site or in the conditions of the enterprise by dry cleaning or washing. So, here let’s know more about Accel Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning Auburn WA.

About Accel Cleaning Service Auburn WA:

Accel Cleaning is a carpet cleaning company which is giving its special services to the people of different cities of Washington since 1994. Accel Cleaning carpet cleaning serves different cities like Tacoma, Seattle WA, Bellevue, Kent, Auburn WA, and the surrounding cities in the Puget Sound Area.

Accel Cleaning is one of the leading carpet cleaners in Auburn WA, providing its clients with a full range of cleaning services for carpets. Professional cleaning is much more effective than home cleaning, it provides a healthy atmosphere in the house, helps to fight allergies and feeling unwell. Cleaning from the Accel Cleaning Auburn carpet cleaning service is not only unconditional cleanliness but also health!

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Carpet Cleaning Auburn WA

Accel Cleaning Auburn WA Provided Services:

Accel carpet cleaners offer the most complete carpet cleaning work. We take into account the features of all types of products. We recommend to each individual an effective safe treatment option. The carpet cleaning Auburn WA factory carries out all types of carpet cleaning. You can familiarize yourself with them here.

Upholstery Cleaning:

Irritating to dust, old stains, and unpleasant odors on the upholstery of armchairs and chairs? Upholstery cleaning at home or in the customer’s office will help to restore cleanliness and a tidy appearance to furniture, thanks to which you can quickly eliminate traces of the most stubborn dirt.

Cleaning of office and home chairs is carried out at a convenient time agreed in advance with the customer. The employees of the Diana dry-cleaning network, armed with special equipment, are ready to perform even a large amount of work in a short time.

Dry cleaning of chairs, poufs, or armchairs at home or in the office is carried out using the most modern cleaning agents and special equipment. Diana specialists will not leave a trace of dirt on textile upholstery, natural leather, and synthetic leatherette. Professional actions will bring back to life even heavily soiled surfaces and restore cleanliness as quickly as possible.

Carpet Cleaning:

Carpet cleaning is essential in any home, wherever it is. The reason you should definitely think about cleaning your carpet is that it is useful and comfortable. There is no reason why you should put your family’s health at risk, which is why it is recommended that you clean your carpet regularly.

What’s more, the Accel Cleaning professional carpet cleaning service is efficient and not time-consuming. As a result, we provide housewives with significant comfort as well as time to complete other tasks. On top of all this, carpet cleaning services are also available at reasonable prices, allowing customers to clean their carpets without worrying about the family budget. Convenience is the most outstanding factor as professional assistance helps to simplify the task.

The methods we use to clean carpets are below…

Carpet Cleaning Auburn WA

Dry Cleaning:

Dry cleaning of carpets is a procedure that consists of thoroughly cleaning floor coverings, removing stains from the surface, and various kinds of dirt. Two cleaning options can be carried out – dry or wet, depending on the type of material and the level of contamination.

Water Cleaning:

A small amount of water, a solution that reduces the surface tension of water, surfactants.  It is used in the presence of complex stains of various nature, odors, heavy contamination. Can be a preliminary dry cleaning operation.


Production line, brushes, significant amounts of water, universal preparations, centrifuge. heat drying. It is used on synthetics, a mixture of all fibers with it. Has a serious mechanical impact. High efficiency.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning:

Hardwood floors are not uncommon in most modern commercial offices and houses. If you are also thinking of upgrading your space with hardwood flooring, you should also contact a professional hardwood floor cleaning service that can make your hardwood floors look new and shiny.

Parquet floors are sure to transform any room. But the disadvantage is that if they are not properly maintained, their appearance will deteriorate rapidly. Thus, you should definitely seek the help of professionals in this matter. Accel Cleaning maintains and cleans hardwood floors efficiently and carefully to give you a clean and hygienic place.

Tile & Grout Cleaning:

Tile is a fairly versatile and popular choice for flooring. With tiled floors in several bathrooms and kitchens, a significant number of homeowners are turning to use tiles throughout their homes. This is because tile floors are durable and reduce dust generation, thus keeping your home safe from irritants like dust mites.

However, one drawback here is that even with regular cleaning, the tiles tend to become less shiny over time. Grease and dirt can cause the tiles to lose their gloss, in particular to grouting. Accel Cleaning professional tile cleaning can help here.


Dry Cleaning Mattress:

It is important that you sleep in a bed that is not only clean but also hygienic. However, nowadays most people hardly have time to clean their mattresses. This allows bacteria and dust mites to thrive, resulting in bed bugs.

This is definitely unhealthy, so you need to clean your mattress regularly. Fortunately, Accel Cleaning also offers you these services to ensure you get a good night’s sleep in a clean bed.

Van Mounted Carpet Steam Cleaning:

The method is popular among allergy sufferers since no chemicals are used in the work. A special device is used for cleaning a steam cleaner. The steam kills microorganisms and bacteria, but old stains cannot be removed.

In some cases, dry cleaning of upholstered furniture is combined with treatment with a steam cleaner, since hot steam enhances the effect of many cleaning agents.

In any case, if a steam cleaning at home is ordered, the treatment object will be thoroughly inspected and tested, so that there is no risk of damage to the upholstery, carpet, or wood part of the furniture.

Lint Restoration:

Excessive load from furniture, trampling, the activity of pets lead to wear of the pile. More and more often, carpets are given for restoration, where the pile was burned out with hot objects or chemical agents. The restoration work begins with freeing the base from the remnants of damaged fibers. Then the thread is selected by color, type, and thickness.

If the desired color is not available, then the thread of a different color is dyed in the desired shade. Finally, knots are installed one by one on the base of the carpet, observing the original pattern.

The tied pile is trimmed to the desired length and final processing is carried out. The result of the work – the restored area will be practically indistinguishable from the rest of the carpet surface.

Carpet Cleaning Auburn WA

Imposing Brushes:

All carpets wear out over time the brushes. The reasons are aging, careless operation, pets. You can inaccurately move the furniture over the brushes and not notice how they came off. Restorers will be able to repair the damaged area of ​​the fringe or carry out a complete replacement.

It is very difficult to distinguish new brushes from original ones. On silk carpets, you can impose an additional pattern, and then brushes – it looks very organic and beautiful.

Carpet Overlock:

Overlock – edging the edge of the carpet along the perimeter with a security thread to protect the edge from unraveling and eliminate aesthetically protruding threads. It also has a decorative function.

The overlocker can be damaged during operation the protective edging becomes thinner or even breaks. If even a small section of the edging is damaged, the repair is carried out along the entire side: the machine overlock consists of two continuous threads, and if it breaks in one place, it will surely bloom along its entire length. We almost always recommend changing the overlock completely on all four sides.

Before replacing the edging, remove the remnants of the old one and prepare the edges for processing. The work is carried out on a special overlock machine using a durable polyester thread of a suitable color.

The restoration of the edging of woolen and silk carpets is done by hand and requires a lot of experience and attention: each loop is tightened with a separate knot.

If a separate thread is frayed or broken, it will not affect the adjacent ones in any way. Such a manual overlock is much more reliable, but also significantly more expensive.

Carpet Cleaning Auburn WA

Repair Of Tears, Burns:

Hookah and cigar smoking, careless unpacking of the product using cutting objects, moving heavy objects on the floor often lead to serious injuries.

As a result of damage, the warp and weft threads can be destroyed, which makes it impossible to fasten the knots to restore the pile. Therefore, at the first stage, the restorer must fix the new base in the damaged area.

Then knots with a new pile are installed on it, as in the procedure for restoring the lost pile. After the end of the work, the installed pile is trimmed to the desired size, combed, and laid. As a result of the work, the carpet gets its original appearance without tears or damage.

Recovery Of Dyes:

We effectively restore the pattern of the carpet after the loss of the original color. Loss can happen due to home or artisanal cleaning, the breakthrough of water pipes. Sometimes on old carpets, the dye will fade over time.

Touch-up or restoration of dyes on the carpet is required. Each type of fiber has its own type of dye. If several colors are damaged, dyes are selected for each color.

The repair is carried out with pinpoint precision – the restorer restores the original drawing section by section. After the end of the work, the dye is fixed, the carpet can be sent for professional cleaning without any problems.

Cost Of Service:

The cost of the service depends on the volume and complexity of the work, so the question of how much the procedure costs can be answered accurately after a visual examination. We offer to order a visit of a technologist to your home or office in Auburn WA.

Carpet Cleaning Auburn WA

How We Are Working To Clean:

Production consists of three main groups of stationary machines, the use of which is determined by the technological conditions of the standard. We do not just clean carpets, but we are responsible for a high-quality result.

The task is not only to make you like it visually but to comply with the industry standards in terms of the degree of purification.

Proper Dry Cleaning:

The correct option provides for two technologies. Acting in accordance with the rules of dry cleaning, you can provide qualified service. Stationary machines with a large load of hydrocarbons ensure the correct removal of dirt from wool, silk, viscose, without damaging them. Highly recommended.

Modern Cleaning With Water Based Preparations:

If natural products have significant pollution, complex stains, urine odor, or something similar, we recommend using wet cleaning of carpets. The environment of surfactants, thinning water, is soft and effective against various types of dirt and stains.

The stages include multi-step thoroughness, do not destroy woolen, silk, viscose, cotton threads. European method, ecology at the fore.


Laundry does not have cycles, uses water in large quantities, which makes it radically different from dry-cleaning in the lack of care. It is a simple set of machines, which includes equipment with circular brushes, centrifuge, drying.

It is best suited to wash out dirt from synthetic fibers blended with it. Natural pile, will age the base catastrophically, easily tears off the unstable dye of the ornament, break the threads.


We give new life to beautiful interior items. Self-care is not recommended. In this case, you can easily spoil delicate fibers and colors. In our work, we often come across spoiled carpets, whose owners tried to remove stains on their own. In this case, we can help by returning to the previous state.

Carpet Cleaning Auburn WA

Why Choose Accel Cleaning Carpet Cleaners In Auburn WA?

The company has many years of successful experience in professional carpet cleaning. It is one of the best consumer service companies. Gentle, responsible cleaning with a dry hydrocarbon environment without the use of water. Ideal for woolen, silk, viscose carpets, cotton products. Dry cleaning of carpets with a fence and delivery at a convenient time to customers in the Washington region.

Excellent Quality:

We offer three methods for cleaning carpets. Their use depends on the materials, manufacturing method, dyes for the ornament of products, the nature of the contamination. This allows us to provide excellent quality processing of things with various contaminants.

Proper dry cleaning is the most preferred option we recommend for natural fibers. According to consumers, it is the best carpet cleaning today.

Affordable Prices:

Affordable prices for the restoration of carpets of any type. The final calculation is determined by a specialist after examining the damage. The client will be offered repair options with prices and terms of work.

Delivery On Time:

Carpet cleaning with export to a factory in Auburn WA fully complies with the rules for the provision of services. We serve individuals, legal entities, on a regular, one-time basis. Modern carpet dry cleaning has a full arsenal of effective, gentle technologies. We will help you in the most difficult situations.

Make sure you have a high-quality dry cleaning of carpets in Auburn WA with a high rating of specialized service.

Excellent Results:

Professional dry-cleaning of carpets returns their original appearance, consumer properties without damage. Safe, complete removal of contaminants, preservation of fibers and color depend on a properly selected reagent medium. Dry cleaning of carpets contributes to this in the first place.

It provides an excellent appearance and shine. After cleaning, the carpets are soft, there is no wave around the perimeter, linear dimensions distortion, ornamentation tarnishing.

Carpet Cleaning Auburn WA

Individual Processing:

A careful approach allows cleaning with special attention to each thing, to satisfy the wishes of customers as much as possible. Our company pays great attention to the individual selection of technological processing options, taking into account the fiber, manufacturing method, and other features of each product.

This gives an excellent result, satisfying all the wishes of the customers. In the dry-cleaner of exclusive carpets, we are your most reliable and experienced partner, which has proven the quality of service through many years of practice.

Many Years Of Experience:

Specialized machines for cleaning woolen and silk carpets provide excellent delicacy, keep the pile intact, the base, there is no deformation at all. We have only positive reviews about our work.

The most gentle method will completely cleanse, remove stains, products will be as close as possible to new ones.

Experience in dry cleaning woolen, silk, viscose carpets for over 20 years. We are one of the leading industry professionals in this service segment. Accel Cleaning Auburn WA provides the highest quality service and results.

Best In Carpet Dry Cleaning:

Among the many offers of dry cleaning of natural carpets, it is better to choose specialized carpet cleaning. This option assumes the presence of its own production, specialists. There are many intermediaries among ordinary dry cleaners.

This does not in the best way affect the quality of services. Intermediaries need to pay a commission. It has to be paid out of profit. Then, instead of dry cleaning, the carpets are washed!

Dry cleaning of silk, wool, viscose, cotton carpets with export at the factory according to the professional luxury standard. Dry dry cleaning of high-quality carpets, provided with a real guarantee.

Full cycle carpet cleaning factory. This allows us to provide the individual performance of work, taking into account the specifics of carpet products. Dry cleaning of woolen, silk, viscose carpets without the risk of damage, excellent cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning Auburn WA


For over 25 years our company Accel Cleaning has been offering dry cleaning of carpets. we always follow the technology, we use safe cleaning agents and we are very careful with the products. Services of any complexity in the field of washing and dry cleaning of carpets, rugs, all types of upholstered furniture: sofas, armchairs, poufs, upholstered chairs, etc.

We clean carpets with small, medium, and high piles, work with carpets made of wool, silk, and viscose. Often, customers give real works of art for dry cleaning Iranian, Indian handmade carpets. Contamination can be difficult urine, drinks. We always try to show the maximum degree of purification. We work with complex cases that other carpet cleaning company has refused that make us the best Auburn carpet cleaners.


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How do you clean the carpet?

Depending on the properties of the carpet itself, its composition, and texture, they can be washed with full immersion, water cleaning, dry cleaning, foam cleaning, cleaning with dry powders and steam.

A specific cleaning technology or their complex is selected only after the carpet is brought to the workshop and examined by our technologists.

What is the difference between Dry Cleaning and Wet Cleaning?

Dry cleaning: cleaning in an eco-friendly organic environment,

Wet cleaning: cleaning in an aqueous environment.

Dry cleaning is used for things that shrink in an aqueous environment, or have increased crease.

Wet cleaning is an alternative to dry cleaning and even expands its capabilities: it retains the brightness of the color, increases wear resistance, and is gentle on the fibers. In order to achieve high results, we offer several cleaning methods.

Will the carpet Look new after a professional cleaning?

After dry cleaning, your item will be clean! We will clean it from dirt, but we will not be able to restore the wear of the product.

If during operation the impact of the external environment was minimal, then after cleaning the product will look almost like new.

How long does it take for a carpet to dry when cleaning at home?

The drying time of the carpet depends on the air temperature and the type of carpet. On average, drying takes from 3 hours to 2 days. You can walk on the carpet immediately after cleaning.

If you handed over the carpet to our dry carpet cleaners in Auburn WA, then we will return it completely dry and packed.

Will wet cleaning ruin the carpet when cleaning it at home?

Modern production technologies allow you to remove about 80-90% of moisture from the carpet using specialized equipment. If necessary, the carpet is forced to dry with a blower. When cleaning in the workshop, carpets are dried and ozonized in a special dryer with powerful ventilation.

How often do you need to dry-clean upholstered furniture and carpets?

Carpets and any other types of carpet, as well as upholstered furniture, are real collectors of dust, dirt, and various microorganisms. Dry cleaning of carpet and upholstered furniture should be carried out every year, at least.

In rooms with high traffic of people, if there is carpet on the floors, its processing should be carried out much more often – about once every three to four months.

What chemicals are used to clean upholstered furniture and carpet?

For the chemical treatment of fleecy carpet surfaces and for upholstery cleaning, only professional hypoallergenic environmental products are used that will help remove dirt, dust, accumulated microbes, mites, and so on from the product.

You do not have to worry about the quality of the drugs used. We guarantee that their use will not cause the slightest harm to the environment and the health of all inhabitants of your home, including pets.

The preparation for dry cleaning is selected individually for each case, depending on the situation, that is, on the degree of contamination of the product.

There are allergy sufferers in the family. How will cleaning affect them?

It will not affect you in any way. You get a carpet clean and free from detergents. the rinsing stage completely passes. In this case, the detergent is neutralized and completely rinsed from the pile and base.

You’re more likely to get allergies if you don’t order dry cleaning. It has already been proven that a lot of dust mites live in a dirty carpet, which in themselves are harmless to humans. Their secretions can cause asthma attacks in people with the disease. At great risk are children who may begin to manifest this disease.