Carpet Cleaning Seattle, WA

If the carpets, rugs, and tiles are uncleaned for a longer period of time, their excellent looks faded away. Above that, it not only looks bad but also becomes the source of diseases. But in this covid-19 pandemic, it becomes more sensitive. If you are looking for a professional carpet cleaning service provider, Accel Cleaning is at your doorstep to remove and work on your concern. We are the renowned and top-rated local carpet cleaning services provider in Seattle WA.

We clean carpets, rugs, and other surfaces carefully and effectively with our advanced equipment and eco-friendly solutions which will extend your carpet’s life length. We serve and offer the most cost effective cleaning job than other competitors. Call us today at (206-947-1928) for an appointment.

Carpet Cleaning Seattle

Our goal

Our goal is to earn 100% customer satisfaction through our prominent carpet cleaning seattle services. It is our motive to help you and your family to live a healthier life. We offer our customers to experience our professional and spontaneous cleaning services for carpets and other surfaces.

Seattle carpet cleaning services we offer

Accel Cleaning offers best carpet cleaning service for both residential and commercial business spaces. Here are the carpet cleaning services we offer at seattle wa and other surrounding areas:

Carpet cleaning

Accel Cleaning offers an effective carpet cleaning services where we will disinfect and remove the dirts and stains from the carpet. We have a very experienced and skilled cleaning team to give you the best cleaning experience. We will do the carpet cleaning with our advanced carpet cleaning equipment and eco-friendly green solutions. Our professional cleaners are well knowledgeable in carpet material and they will restore the appearance of the carpet. You do not have to worry about the risk of damage, we pay our attention to every detail and do the cleaning job with utmost care.

Rug cleaning

Floor rugs enhance the interior beauty of a home like an art. It tells the taste of a person. But rugs become dirty after long time use. Many people do not pay attention to their rugs. But dirty rugs carry various allergic smokes, germs and microbes which are the threat for your health. Not only that, the rug’s original color faded away because of dust. Accel Cleaning provides seattle best rugs cleaning services and helps to bring back rug’s pure color and it’s vibrant. Before we start the rug cleaning, we examine the rug to secure the rug’s quality and it’s color. Then we start our rugs cleaning process with vacuum and nontoxic chemicals.

Carpet Cleaning Seattle, WA

Carpet upholstery cleaning and stain removal

Apart from carpets and rugs cleaning, carpet upholstery cleaning is also listed in our services. We are good at upholstery cleaning and our professional cleaning team is well experienced on that as well. It is very natural that kids, pets dirty the furniture. That’s why most furniture manufacturers recommend routine and regular upholstery sanitization. Every cleaning company is not skilled in upholstery cleaning, but our team is full professional on that. We are well equipped to remove even toughest spots and stains without any scratch mark left. Cleaning helps to make the upholstery remain attractive and healthy. So, periodic professional cleaning is preferred for upholstered furniture. Accel Cleaning professional seattle carpet cleaners is here to take all your concerns.

Tile and grout cleaning

Generally tiles are used for beautifying the floor. But tiles and grout also get stained with dust and dirt as well. Accel Cleaning of Seattle is a well-known carpet cleaning company to clean your dirty floor tiles. We assess the tiles and grouts first to identify the effective cleaning ways. We use eco-friendly tools, suction equipment and solutions to keep your tile, stone and grout safe and clean. After finishing the cleaning work, your floor tiles, grout will look like fresh new. You should clean your tile, grout etc. At least once a year with the technicians to help to extend tiles and grouts life.

Hardwood floor cleaning

Everyone’s house floor is not the same. Few people use concrete floors and few use hardwood floors. So the hardwood floor cleaning plan is different from rug and carpet cleaning. We will inspect your hardwood floor first and then we will work on it. We have a cleaning technicians team to conduct the cleaning and have advanced equipment like the oscillating machine to make the cleaning effective. For any kind of hardwood cleaning needs in the Seattle bellevue area, contact us today.


Truck mounted steam cleaning

We have a steam cleaning services facility for Seattle area residents. Our truck mounted steam cleaner is used for deep carpet cleaning and to wipe tough stains. In our steam cleaning service, we use hot water extraction and organic chemical cleaning solutions to free the dirt from carpet which helps the carpet to dry quickly. Not only that, to keep the water temperature steady, we use advanced commercial grade machines throughout the time. This increases the cleaning potential to bring back the fresh new appearance. If you have kids as well as pets, This cleaning service will work best for you.

Water extraction service Seattle WA

Standing water at home is a painful thing for people. Flood causes the standing water. It causes severe damage to floors, furniture, walls, carpets, etc. Not only that, standing water can help to begin growing mold, bacteria or can cause structural damage. Accel Cleaning experts are capable of handling this type of situation before it turns into a disaster. Whenever the water piles up in your home, take help from professionals as early as possible. Contact us for a emergency response for the water extraction needs.

Safety actions we take

In this covid-19 pandemic, additional safety taking became mandatory. We take safety actions to assure your safety. Our safety action includes:

  • We use PPE and wear mask, gloves, shoe covers at each and every job.
  • We ensure physical or social distancing.
  • We disinfect regularly touched places like doorknobs, switches, and countertops.
  • We have available carpet Sanitizer which removes odor-causing bacteria.
  • We disinfect our tools, equipment and vehicle touch points after each cleaning job.

We give our most concern on quality work over quantity.

Accel Cleaning Carpet cleaners you can rely on

Carpets, rugs, floors become dirty and a house for various microbes if you do not take proper care of these things. If you are searching for a proper carpet cleaning company, you can 100% rely on our services. Accel Cleaning is a renowned cleaning service provider in Seattle Washington.

We are committed to serve the best carpet cleaning in Seattle. We make plans and do the measurements before starting any cleaning process. Because every home’s situation is not identical. If you are worried about the risk of damage, you can relax fully because our team is well aware of the safety of your belongings. Because of our uncompromised and environment friendly cleaning services, we have earned the customer’s trust and positive reviews.

Carpet Cleaning

Benefits you can get from our services

There are many benefits you can get from us, such as:

  • The harmful microbes and allergic smoke will be removed.’
  • Your home will get a fresh new look.
  • We ensure proper cleaning of your home as well as the safeguard of the environment. We will not leave any collected trash in your yard.
  • We will get all our services 24 hours at an affordable price.
  • Eco-friendly green cleaning process.
  • Free from additional charges.

Get in touch with Accel Cleaning

If you are eyeing for a professional and reliable carpet cleaning service near Seattle WA, Accel Cleaning is near your doorstep.

Call us now at (206-947-1928) or fill our online contact form for request.

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