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More or less every one of us has a vision of having a clean and clear home, but there’re sure plenty of works that are linked with this dream of yours. Everyone desires to have praised for having a neat and clean house. Not just that, a neat and clean house is a safe place to live with your kids, pets, and family.

You might be capable of managing cleaning or dusting your home on a daily basis, but cleaning the carpets is quite tricky. As you don’t know exactly what to use on your delicate carpet like a professional knows. So, it is recommended to hand over the task to a renowned company like Accel Cleaning in the Washington area.

At Accel Cleaning we realize what our customers want from their carpet cleaning services. However, not all the carpet cleaning services in the Kent WA area are the same. So, to discover how big an effect Accel Cleaning can have on your home health check out the detail below.

We have presented all the detail below that would be cooperative to measure how operative our cleaning procedure is in removing unwanted and unhealthy elements from your carpet and also why to choose us.

Carpet Cleaning Kent WA

About Accel Carpet Cleaning Kent, WA

Accel Cleaning is one of the best carpet cleaning companies in Kent and in surrounding areas of WA, who can clean any type of carpet without any hassle. We use the top possible cleaning tools and top-notch non-toxic products which make sure that you get the effect that you always have wanted.

The work procedure that we follow is quite harmless, and our carpet cleaners make sure you’re your carpets are cleaned carefully. Seeing your clean carpet after our professionals complete the job and leave will bring a big smile to your face as well as give you a delightful environment that you’ll cherish.

However, consumer-grade cleaners and non-toxic products do not offer the sort of authority that’s compulsory for methodically cleaning your carpets. For this, you will also need professional help, which you can easily get from our Accel cleaning service.

Having the carpet cleaned by professionals from our carpet cleaning team makes sure every fiber of your carpet looks as clean as a new one. Additionally, we only use chemical-free solutions, so that no risk is left there to your kids, pets, and other family members.

Stained and filthy carpets degrade speedily, but then again we can bring back the look of the carpet and also increase its life for several years. Cleaning your carpets yourself may sound quite easy, but those debris and deep-seated stains are tougher to remove than you think.

As soon as you appoint Accel Carpet Cleaning Kent, you will get a deep carpet cleaning to eliminate the dirt that your vacuum cleaner leaves behind.

At Accel Cleaning our tools provide the most powerful suction to take away stubborn dust and dirt as well as restore the carpets to around 99% of their new condition. Our qualified experts save you time as well as money, and also you get a better result without having to do a single thing by yourself. Isn’t it great!

Services Provided By Accel Cleaning Kent, WA

At Accel Cleaning we focus on Carpet cleaning, Hardwood floor cleaning, Upholstery cleaning, and also tile & grout cleaning. Our goal is to help you with our top-rated service to get rid of issues related to those cleanings.

Accel Carpet Cleaning is an affordable and professional Carpet Cleaning business. We pompously serve in places like Tacoma, Bellevue, Kent (Kent WA 98031, Kent WA 98032, etc.), Seattle WA, and surrounding areas in Washington.

We initiated cleaning upholstery, carpeting, and also hardwood cleaning as well as repair for other janitorial services and carpet cleaners. It was a brilliant way to grow experience and knowledge. Now we have started our very own service in areas of WA. Let’s now know more about our services below…

Carpet Cleaning Kent WA


It’s especially significant to clean all dirt and dust that has settled on your floor. It is comparatively easy to clean out tiles than carpets. There are several ways to maintain these floors to make sure your floor looks as shiny and fresh as it looked on the very first day when you bought it.

However, the problem arises when you act too lazy to sweep and mop the floor daily. Problems like stains, overtime fixed spills, and also dirt occur in case you fail to take enough care of your tiles & grout.

The intensely fixed spills as well as dirt into your grout won’t be cleaned by hand properly. So, professionals like Accel Cleaning should be hired to clean out with their modern equipment and techniques which you won’t be able to scrub or mop out.

The benefit of hiring us is that we use sealants after cleaning your tile & grout. We use sealants because they protect your tiles and grout and also keep them clean for a long time. Tso, when you decide to hire us for the job, you automatically increase the lifetime of your tiles and grout.

At Accel cleaning we prefer using steam cleaners, and microfiber mops, also lightweight vacuums that are necessary. Then we let the tiles dry completely after cleaning so that your tiles don’t attract dirt and dust easily. After finishing our job, our professionals also guide you with proper steps to take care of your tiles and grout.


Maintaining and taking good care of your hardwood floor often is very significant. It’s always better to utilize eco-friendly solutions for your hardwood floor and surface to clean & maintain it easily. However, it is not as easy as it sounds.

Cleaning and maintaining hardwood floors need proper products and knowledge which our professionals have. Although You can make your floor shine and clean by using floors-oriented oils, soaps, and polishes if you use any improper product then it can ruin your floor.

That is why professional hardwood floor cleaning is suggested to keep the hardwood floors appearing highly functional and flawless. Our professionals use modern equipment and good quality products to get good outcomes of durability during removing debris and dirt. Our experts will provide you a clean and shiny floor just like the new one without damaging your floor.

If you hire our professionals they do the job with utmost protection and provides you with cleaned hardwood floors just like the new ones.

Carpet Cleaning Kent WA


Cleaning upholstery is the most difficult job for DIY. That is why it’s better to hire a professional for the job. And it’ll be a good idea in case the Accel Cleaning experts engage in the job of cleaning your upholstery. This is because Accel cleaning professionals have required knowledge to the better sorts of products & equipment as well as they have a good experience. With our professional’s knowledge and experience, you can blindly trust us.

It is necessary to clean your upholstery at least two times a year. Particularly in cases in which you have pets and/or children at home. Or else you can opt for cleaning after around 18 months. Another way to find out whether your upholstery needs cleaning or not is to take a test.

A simple test will be enough to find out if it is time for cleaning yet or not. Simply take a white and clean wet cloth, and rub the cloth along your chairs or sofa’s back and arms. In case you see dirt on the cloth then it means that you need to hire a professional ASAP.


In case you wish to keep the luxurious look of the carpets intact then utilizing the latest machinery with trained experts is a must-needed factor. If you think you can do it at home all by yourself then let me tell you that it isn’t as easy as it may sound. However, if you want then you can try and check for yourself. To check that, please check the proper carpet cleaning method provided by our professionals.

Move Out The Carpet Clean

In this method, our professionals take out the carpet to do their job. It is specially intended for the renters who need to change home often.

Deluxe Carpet Clean

In this method, our professionals remove all the difficult stubborn stains and of course the basic spots too so that you can enjoy perfectly cleaned carpets at your home or office.

Deluxe & Super Dry Carpet Clean

In this method, the luxurious cleaning process will take plenty of time to complete the work. At make take from 4 to 5 hours to get the job done. But we can guarantee you that when you will see the result then you will realize the time really worth it.

Carpet Cleaning Kent WA

Standard Steam Carpet Clean

In case you have maintained your carpets well then it just requires a good clean-up without any hassle. It is our basic carpet cleaning package at Accel cleaning in Kent WA.

Steam Cleaning To Remove Pollutants From Your Carpet

On your carpet, there might be pet dander, dead bugs, cockroach allergens, and so many more. Your carpet can also captivate organic mixtures from cigarette smoke, paints, and also other sources which eventually ruin your carpet’s fabric.

These contaminants can be cleaned only with modern steam cleaning that our company provides to you. Kids and pets playing on such carpet are at risk to meet those allergens on your carpet. Thus, taking care of these issues and cleaning them immediately is vital.

Why Accel Cleaning is the Leading Choice for Kent Residents Over Other Carpet Cleaners

Accel Carpet Cleaning, Kent WA is dedicated to progressive means of cleaning, utilizing methods and products that are harmless for the environment, kids, and your pets. Additionally, we use a distinct cleaning method that requires a small amount of water than other carpet cleaners use, but with no lessening in the job quality, you will see in the end effect.

This means that with us you can have your upholstery, carpets, and floors cleaned without worsening resources, as well as you can start using your furniture and rugs within 1 or two hours of treatment.

You can blindly trust us as we provide the best quality service at a reasonable price in Kent WA and also in surrounding areas in Washington. So, let’s now look at the reason behind people’s appreciation for our service.

Carpet Cleaning Kent WA

We Have Highly Skilled Cleaning Technician Kent, WA

Carpet cleaning is meant to be done with care which a professional knows the best. Our company has highly skilled experts who are well-trained and experienced. We don’t hire trainees or freshers to do the job. At Accel cleaning, we make sure to provide the best and safest service to our customers.

Out experts know exactly what to use when to use, and in what quantity to use a product to get the job done without damaging your carpet or any other material there. Thus, people in Kent, WA blindly trust us.

Restore & Beautify Your Carpet

Who doesn’t like a neat and clean carpet at their house? Every one of us dreams of that. But, unfortunately, with time carpets lose their luxurious look. However, the good news is that you can have the luxurious look back with our professional service of carpet cleaning.

We make sure to use effective yet non-toxic products to bring your carpet’s new look back. Our professionals are highly skilled in this field and thus they know exactly what to do to satisfy our customers.

Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning

At Accel cleaning, we provide eco-friendly cleaning solutions to make sure it does not harm your kids, pets, or your local atmosphere. We know how much you care for your family, children, and pets so do we.

Provide Reasonable Price

At Accel cleaning, you will be able to get your job done at a reasonable price. If you don’t believe that, then you can check our price with other local companies in Kent, WA.


If your rugs, carpets, upholstery, or floors are not looking as before, or in case you have pet odors or pet stains that aren’t going away even after trying everything, give Accel cleaning a call at (206)947-1928 to schedule the cleaning appointment ASAP.

Carpet Cleaning Kent WA


Your carpets can catch up dust, dirt, and stains and which are leading sources of many diseases to your kids and pets. That is why you need to clean your carpet often. However, getting rid of pollutants, allergens from your carpet, it is always recommended to hire an expert.

So, if you are too thinking of hiring a professional in Kent, WA then definitely go for Accel cleaning as we offer the best quality service at a reasonable price. With our cleaning services, you surely would get spotless and germ-free carpets that will last for a really long time

Our goal is to give high-quality cleaning service even though using non-toxic solutions that may harm your product or family member. Furthermore, we are getting a bunch of pleased clients who received the outcomes as they desired. So, without further delay, get in touch with us and our representatives to communicate with you within a few hours.


Q. How much does it cost to have someone clean your carpet?

A. The average charge for carpet cleaning is from $25-$70 per room. However, some large carpets or delicate carpets may charge a little more than the average amount.

Q. How much does Accel Cleaning charge per room?

A. Accel cleaning has different charges for different types of cleaning services. So, it is better to call them at (206)947-1928 to know the price range.

Q. Is it better to shampoo or steam clean carpets?

A. Steam cleaning is way more effective than shampooing.

Q. How much do you tip an Accel Cleaning guy?

A. The over-all rule is to tip from $10-$20 per service. But it is not mandatory.


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