It is very common that our homes, offices got dirty, infected with bacteria, and many more. These homes and offices should be cleaned regularly. If you are looking for a trustworthy and hygienic local carpet cleaning service at Renton, Accel Cleaning is giving the best carpet cleaning service near your doorstep. 

Accel Cleaning Renton carpet cleaners are skilled and dedicated to doing proper cleaning for your home and office. We offer an affordable rate for cleaning service. 

Our commitment is to give the best uncompromising quality service and workmanship which let us earn a good reputation in Renton. Our dedicated carpet cleaning team is always ready to aid you from cleaning planning to the final clean-up. We guarantee you maximum satisfaction with our carpet cleaning service.

Keep your home and office space safe. Contact us at (206-947-1928) for carpet cleaning service today.

Carpet Cleaning Renton

Services we provide at Renton

Our professional cleaning workers deliver eco-friendly cleaning services to make the environment neat and clean. Here are the carpet cleaning services we provide at renton :

Carpet Cleaning

Changing carpet because of dirt every 3 or 4 months is not a wise thing to do. It costs a lot. Accel Cleaning can clean your dirty carpets at a very cheap rate and carpets will look like a new carpet. We offer carpet cleaning services for both commercial and residential spaces.

Our experts are well aware of carpet cleaning procedures and will take care of the carpets with utmost care. Our carpet cleaning systems are available for different types of interiors, such as:

  • Homes
  • Office and Business spaces
  • Income properties

Our carpet cleaners will clean all carpets of your house including living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, and playrooms. Not only that, we will take care of stair carpets as well. 

For commercial spaces in Renton Washington, our carpet cleaners are experienced in working in conference rooms, lobbies, hallways and offices, small business spaces, daycares, and retirement homes.

Rug cleaning

There are a lot of people who do not pay attention to the house rugs. Rugs beautify the inside of the home. But, rugs lost their vibrant color after a long time of use because of dirt. We provide a good rug cleaning service and we pay attention to every part of the rug to bring its original color and achieve maximum vibrant.

First, we assess the rug to protect the quality of the rug and its color. Then we start the rug cleaning process. We include vacuuming and harmless chemicals for cleaning.

Carpet upholstery cleaning and stain cleaning

Accel Cleaning cleaners are well experienced in upholstery cleaning. It is very common that furniture got stains and spots due to kids playing and ignorance. Every carpet cleaning company is not good at handling furniture for cleaning. But our experts are well skilled in cleaning every piece of furniture from leather to microfiber. After furniture cleaning, it will look like new again. 

Not only that, our professional cleaners are able to wipe the toughest stain and spots without leaving any scratches. Hire Accel Cleaning today to make your interior neat and clean.


Renton Carpet cleaners

This is a very important cleaning procedure. In this step, we will use various equipment and chemical solutions to eliminate dirt, debris, bacteria, etc.

Our cleaning team is experienced in eliminating tough stains and bad odors from furniture and carpets. We will remove bad food odors, liquids, and carpet smoke with the steam cleaner and other cleaning equipment. Our carpet cleaning service will make odors and stains get rid of from your house and will bring a fresh look again. Our carpet cleaners have expertise in removing various stains like:

  • Juice
  • Wine and beer
  • Blood and vomit
  • Pet related stains
  • Candle wax and many more.

After that, we will make the carpets cleaned and reset the displaced furniture and belongings which was done before cleaning.

Tile grout cleaning

Putting tile on the bare floor is one of the popular ways to beautifying the floor. Tiles are durable as well as easy to maintain. But things get worse when the various pollutants and dirt pile on the tiles. But, you do not have to worry about that. We have our best floor cleaning team who will deliver the best tile and grout cleaning service at Renton WA. We are equipped with advanced cleaning tools and our team is the best users of those. After finishing the floor tile grout cleaning, you will get the original tile appearance. We complete each project with appropriate tools and disinfection solutions in an eco-friendly way.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

The hard floor cleaning process is quite different from rugs and carpet cleaning. We are resourced with the best cleaning experts who are capable of cleaning hardwood floors as well. The combination of advanced equipment and cleaning experts makes it more impactful. We do the cleaning service while ensuring the safeguard of our environment. We accomplish hard floor cleaning by using our oscillating machine which gives perfect results. For any kind of carpet cleaning needs, call us for getting the best cleaning service.

Our cleaning approaches

We follow different approaches for carpet cleaning depending on the needs. Our approaches are:

Steam cleaning

Apart from other carpet cleaning services, Accel Cleaning offers steam cleaning service as well. Our steam cleaner is truck mounted. Our steam cleaner is able to clean out stains from food, pets, liquids, and other bad smell fluids. We give our steam cleaning service to both residents and commercial spaces who need deep carpet cleaning services in Renton Seattle WA area.

Our steam cleaner is able to give:

  • Deep carpet cleaning
  • Hot water extraction for flushing dirt
  • Residue cleaner with less detergent
  • Quick-drying time

The main function behind the steam cleaning approach is to use boiled water to free the debris and dirt from the deep of the carpet fibers. We use commercial grade machines to keep a steadily high water temperature throughout the time. When we consolidate the organic chemicals with the hot steam power, the cleaning potential increases to restore the original carpet appearance.

Our steam cleaner is a powerful deep cleaner which removes dirt and debris with perfection. This cleaning service works best for families with children and pets.

Carpet Cleaning Renton

Chem-Dry Cleaning

We use heat and carbonation in this chem-dry approach. In this process, microscopic bubbles are grown which loosens the tough stains, spots, and dirt, after that bring the stains and dirt up to the carpet surface to extract those via suction. Our chem-dry technique is eco-friendly and organic. We use this technique to reduce maximum water usage which lets the carpet dry very quickly. 

Antimicrobial Cleaning

The antimicrobial cleaning approach is for those who are concerned about the allergens in the home. There are many things like pollens, mildew, and mold which are the source of allergens. But, you can get rid of it by taking Accel carpet cleaning service. We use eco-friendly chemical solutions to make your carpet clean and free from microbial contaminants. Keep you and your family safe from allergies.

Accel Cleaning, Your trustworthy Carpet cleaner

If you are worried about your dirty carpets, rugs or tiled floor, appoint the cleaning experts of Accel Cleaning. We are the renowned and best cleaning professionals in renton, Washington. Our business area is expanded to the surrounding area like seattle. 

Quality carpet cleaning service providing is our commitment and each team members are committed to performing it. We are the people of plan and before diving into the work we will inspect the carpets, rugs and floors carefully. We will try to measure the current situation of the carpets or rugs to detect our working spots.

After that, we will move the furniture to another place so that we can start cleaning without harming both carpets and furniture. We will wipe out every spot or stains with eco-friendly solutions even if the stains are tough. And finally, our truck-mounted steam cleaner will be used in rinsing the carpet. You don’t have to worry about the risk of tearing or breaking, we will do the cleaning work with utmost reliability and care.

We have earned reputation through our uncompromised and eco-friendly cleaning services and our responsive customer service we have provided.

Carpet Cleaning Renton, WA

Benefits you can get from our services

There are a lot of benefit you are entitled to get, such as:

Harmful microbes lifted away

You do not have to fear any harmful microbes. Maximum microbes that are hidden in the very core of carpet fibers will be lifted away.

Environment favored cleaning

Our cleaning service not only ensures proper cleaning but also ensures the safeguard of the environment. After the cleaning service, we do not dump the trash in your yard to pollute you again.

No more bad odors

We clean the carpets, rugs, floors etc. in such a way that you will feel those things have never existed before.

Cost friendly

Our each and every cleaning service renton is cost friendly. You don’t have to worry about any hidden charge.

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