Carpet Cleaning Mercer Island WA

At Accel Cleaning, we’re pleased to serve the inhabitants of Mercer Island WA, and its nearby regions too. And we have worked hard to make sure we offer a wide-ranging collection of cleaning services along with the highest-quality effects than any carpet cleaners for more than 25 years in this area.

We handle grime, mud, and a lot of other stains & dirt from hard and soft surfaces. This means that the inhabitants of Mercer Island WA can have the composure that originates knowing their business or home can stay fresh and clean.

While the widely held carpet cleaning businesses aim to retain a competitive rate, you will appreciate the variation of affordable choices from Accel Cleaning. So, let’s now know in detail about Accel carpet cleaning in Mercer Island, WA, and its surrounding area.

More About Carpet cleaning Mercer Island, WA

Named for 2 brothers who often traveled to & from the island to hunt, gather berries, and catch fish, Mercer Island keep on separated to the continental up until the East Channel Bridge was built in 1920. Shortly after that, the Lacey V. Murrow Memorial Bridge was built to link the island to Seattle WA.

Before the start of these bridges, this island remained mostly unsettled with the exclusion of a few fearless inhabitants who did not mind the requirement for steamboat travel to reach the Bellevue WA part to the east or the Seattle WA part to the west. Up until the initial 20th era, the Calkin Hotel continued to be a major tourist spot for travelers looking for a little interval from Seattle WA, and its surrounding areas.

After the inaugural of these bridges, Mercer Island WA’s growth started in earnest, and nowadays, over 20,000 permanent inhabitants reside on this island. The island is homegrown to a lot of beaches and parks providing constant recreational chances for tourists and residents similarly.

You might not have the Mercer brothers chasing their berry stains through your business or home, but we are betting you might still practice a popular carpet cleaner to aid freshen your rugs, fabrics, floors, and carpets. Give Accel Cleaning a call today at (206) 947-1928 phone number and know how we can help you those odors and stains a thing of your past.

Brief Description Of Accel Cleaning The Best Carpet Cleaning Mercer Island, WA

Are you searching for a skilled carpet cleaner in the Mercer Island, WA area? Accel Cleaning in Mercer Island WA is among the greatest carpet cleaners in the area and we would love to serve you as your trusted carpet cleaner in Washington.

The carpet in the Mercer Island WA home might be in necessity of a carpet cleaning in case the carpet consists of dirt, stains, or odors. Picking the best carpet cleaner in the Mercer Island area is vital and Accel Cleaning values our clients. Mercer Island inhabitants can depend on Accel Cleaning to offer an excellent carpet cleaner practice and great customer care services.

The Services we offer in Mercer Island WA are as follows:

Carpet cleaning

Upholstery cleaning

Deep cleaning

Tile & Grout cleaning

The best carpet cleaner you’re searching for in the Mercer Island area is Accel Cleaning. Call Accel Cleaning in Mercer Island carpet care at (206) 947-1928 today.

You can choose a basic steam extraction process of carpet cleaning which begins at about $29 for each room.

Or, in case your budget is a little more then you can choose the deeper clean process with your carpet shampooing for approximately $55 for each room.

That procedure will consist of sanitizing, hot water extraction, and odor & urine stain removal from your carpet.

In case you are searching to neat up your home or office rugs, it will charge you about $2 for each sq. ft. There are similarly heavy-duty treatment selections that will charge around $65 for each room and consist of everything.

The benefit of our carpet cleaning corporation has an exceptional pricing rate that permits you to apply for your money based on your budget or as per the requirements of your home.

Services Provided By Accel Cleaning in Mercer Island, WA

Comprehensive carpet care from Accel Cleaning is a commercial and residential cleaning business that offers professional facilities in Mercer Island WA, Seattle, WA, and other surrounding areas.

We focus on sanitizing rugs, upholstery, and carpets, with the capability to remove problematic stains that need special treatment.

We at Accel Cleaning have been delivering excellent cleaning results to our clients for more than 25 years, and our team emphasizes paying attention to our clients by signing a vow to return in case anything is not done appropriately.

Ensure that your family members, babies, and pets stay safe. We use harmless solutions during the entire procedure. our customers describe us as thorough, friendly, and efficient.

Carpet Cleaning

Accel Cleaning is the finest carpet cleaning facilities provider in Washington, who can wash up any type of carpet that you have in your home at Mercer Island WA.

We utilize the finest possible cleaning tools and high-quality eco-friendly solutions which make sure that you will be getting the outcome that you’ve always looked for.

The work procedure that we follow for carpet cleaning is pretty safe, as well as our cleaners make sure that your carpets get cleaned carefully. Seeing the cleaned carpet will leave you with a big smile and provide you a charming atmosphere that you’ll value.

Everybody has a vision of having a clear & clean home, however, there are surely plenty of problems that are related to it. Everybody wants to be pleased with their house such that they aren’t looking dull or hazy. Individuals might be capable of managing cleaning or dusting, but they see it quite problematic to clean the rugs.

Carpet Upholstery Cleaning and Stain Cleaning

We are involved in offering excellent quality upholstery cleaning and stain removal service to our appreciated customers. We use the best cleaning equipment & chemical-free solution to clean the upholstery and also remove dirt, stains, sand, allergens, and grit. We have qualified staff for cleaning your valuable carpet upholstery with utmost care.

We use premium cleaning equipment and materials for cleaning upholstery and remove stains to an expert finish. Our process for cleaning removes odors and dirt and, in maximum cases, heavy dirtying and also staining.

Rug Cleaning

For those people who possess a rug, they know everything too well exactly how essential it’s to get it cleaned professionally often. Many individuals with their rugs in the living spaces merely do not give them the attention and care they need, so they result in becoming unruly, neglected, and usually unclean.

Not just this, but several folks just do not know where they can seek a specialized rug cleaning package, or which way of cleaning their rug requires. Well, worry no more, as the Accel Cleaning specialists are here to state to you the best types of rug cleaning choices.

It’s an in-depth rug cleaning procedure that is executed by specialists. Certainly, you can clean it on your own, however, some expensive and fragile pieces require extra care and attention which an expert knows perfectly.

These experts use specific tools and advance techniques to abstract all kinds of pollutions out of the rug. In this method, they similarly assist in extending the life expectancy of the rugs. That is why it’s recommended to get them cleaned yearly professionally by experts like Accel Cleaning.

Van Mounted Carpet Steam Cleaning

The Truck Mount is something that can be mounted in a hose ran and Cargo Van from a van inside the home. We mount our transportable machines in a van and it is called a Truck Mount.

It is very significant to know precisely what type of unit we use. We use the best van mounted system in mercer island WA 98040 and the surrounding area.

Our Truck Mount is capable of producing 220 degrees of heat to appropriately clean your carpet. This Truck Mount similarly has a prevailing large gas and vacuum-powered engine.

Several cleaners will permit lesser tools as being the “best in the world” or “good enough” but they truly never made the asset in good Carpet Cleaning tool. But we at Accel Cleaning own the best track mount to provide the best result possible.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Floors take plenty of wear, together with inevitable spills and daily traffic, mishaps, or scuffs. The finest way to clean up hardwood floors begins with smart defensive measures, which not just help shield your floors but similarly reduce the time you devote to cleaning.

The hardwood floor brings a warm, earthy attractiveness to your house or business area. They are durable as well as, with proper attention. You can keep them appearing beautiful by following these instructions on how to clean up the hardwood floors.

Mopping dust will not remove the grime and dirt that build up with time. For episodic deep cleaning, you will need to utilize a liquid cleaner.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Cleaning the grout & tile makes a huge difference. Cleaning out dirt, stains, and also other spotted messes can make the floor appear as good as the new one.

Our expert cleaners mop regularly and also cleans the tiles and grout cracks of dirt as well as another reminder.

This provides your tile and grout a gleaming clean effect. An expert cleaning service like Accel Cleaning will provide your floor the remodeling that it deserves.

Why Mercer Island WA 98040 Trusts Accel Carpet Cleaning Service

At Accel Cleaning, we use original cleaning approaches and eco-friendly solutions to give a deep clean that does not leave any damaging residues or fumes, and we spread over them to plenty of good practices, such as:

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Hardwood floor cleaning
  • Rug cleaning
  • Tile & Grout cleaning
  • Pet urine odor and stain removal
  • upholstery cleaning

Our branded extraction and encapsulation technique cleans grime from deep inside fibers and then eliminates them utilizing only a portion of the water as compared to other carpet cleaners in this area.

All the solutions we used are eco-friendly, safe for your kids and also pets, and since our methods utilize so little amount of water, you can sit on, walk on, and do whatever on the carpets, upholstery, and floors within just an hour or maybe less.

Give Accel Cleaning a call at (206) 947-1928 today to schedule a service for cleaning you can justly feel good about your home!

Is Hiring Accel Carpet Cleaning Service Worth It?

Hiring the Accel Cleaning service in mercer island WA will give the carpets and upholstery an in-depth, proficient clean-up and may also extend their durability.

As Compared to DIY with rental tools, our carpet cleaning facility’s tools and equipment are expert grade, which provides you the highest level of cleanliness, better sanitizing, and better-quality moisture removal.

Moreover, getting the carpets cleaned professionally will save you from the hassle and time of doing the labor-intensive routine yourself. So, a carpet cleaning service is worth your money in every aspect.

The Carpet Cleaning Process in Mercer Island WA

We offer high-quality, professional services for entirely residential and also commercial cleaning requirements at a reasonable rate. As soon as you give our service area a try, you’ll be hiring us for your every cleaning requirement.

Our highly dependable, screened, and trained experts take excessive pride in delivering superior service through special care to detail utilizing the up-to-date cleaning technology and practices.

We are devoted to helping guard your image, minimize costs, reduce safety threats, improve your confidence, and also protecting the atmosphere.

We hire only well-trained and effective staffs who are experts and it shows in their work. What is more, we provide the best quality service at a lower rate as compared to our competitors in the area. Here are the methods our experts use to clean your carpet, rugs, tiles & grouts, and also upholstery.


Steam cleaning comprises utilizing steam for cleaning purposes. Its usages consist of domestic claim in cleaning household dirt elimination and floor cleaning, and also industrial usages in eliminating dirt and grease from appliances.

When utilized without detergents, soap, or other products for cleaning, the steam cleaning process is an environmental method of cleaning. The steam cleaning process is effective in removing 99.9% of bacteria as well as is measured as a modern method to clean home and office.

The steam cleaning process is a substitute method for self-cleaning that utilizes lower temperatures. Our experts use this process to provide you an amazing result which you can use within a few hours.


Antimicrobials are materials or blends of ingredients used for suppressing or destroying the development of damaging microorganisms for example viruses, fungi, or bacteria on non-living objects and also surfaces.

The Antimicrobial solutions slow the spreading or kill microorganisms completely. Microorganisms consist of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and protozoans like mildew and mold. You may see antimicrobial solutions in your workplace, school, or home.

Daily, products comprising antimicrobial elements help keep your homes, offices, schools, and also other public spaces hygienic and clean.

By helping to stop the development of unsolicited microbes, the antimicrobial chemicals can aid keep individuals from getting sick. Thus, we use Antimicrobial solutions to clean the carpet.


The term “dry chemical carpet cleaning” might sound like using no water in the procedure. This is truly not the situation.

Dry chem carpet cleaning utilizes less water as compared to steam cleaning or also other methods of carpet cleaning. But it’s not true that the process does not need any water. The procedure uses a chemical solution that is spread into your carpet with a bonnet machine or rotating brush to clean up the carpet properly. Carbonation might or might not also be utilized.

Dry chemical carpet cleaning is frequently promoted because of the speed with which the carpets will dry afterward cleaning procedure. Since a little water is utilized, there won’t be large amounts of damp left behind. That is why we at Accel Cleaning use Dry chemical carpet cleaning process.


Dusty and stained carpet will make you miserable? Not to any further extent! Let’s now change the condition of your carpet, rug, tiles, and upholstery to make them look as spotless as the new one with Accel Cleaning service.

You can book the Accel Cleaning service now from the comfort of your home with just a phone call. You do not have to step out of your house any longer for hiring the best clean carpet in the Mercer Island WA area. The cleaning experts will reach your home to clean your carpet with just a phone call. They will help you get rid of the hardest stains and odors from your carpet or rug and will leave it with a fresh smell.

Accel Cleaning service is among the foremost carpet cleaning businesses, delivering a set of services and also competitive rates that make us a top choice. We use hot steam taking out procedure that cleans your carpet fibers deeply to remove noticeable stains, unseen dander, and dirt, and also annoying allergens from the carpet.

Among the important features that set Accel Cleaning apart from other facilities is the circumstance that all field experts are qualified in IICRC cleaning approaches, are specialized, and have experienced a circumstantial check.

This provides you composure that the facility provided by Accel Cleaning will be professional and effective. In addition, the corporation guarantees your pleasure, or we’ll provide a free of charge re-cleaning or provide a full refund of your service payment.

A same-day deal isn’t a standard choice, but appointments are usually obtainable within a few days after you call us, so you will not have to wait a long time for a service expert to come to your home and take over the job. So, without further delay, give us a call today and enjoy a fresh home!


Q. Is it worth getting a carpet cleaned professionally?

A. Cleaning the carpet at home all by yourself will certainly not touch your pocket but it’s highly doubtful as you may damage things around there. We have the appropriate products and machinery which you do not have at your home to perform a full deep carpet cleaning procedure. So, rather than capitalizing on such expensive and heavy appliances to do a careless job yourself, hiring an expert carpet cleaner is highly suggested.

Q. How often should I steam clean my carpet?

A. This completely depends on several factors that regulate how dirty the carpet gets. Issues for example nearness to the road, if you reside in an urban area, if there is plenty of building work taking place in your vicinity or city, if you have pets in your home, how many persons are living at the home, or how frequently you’re at home, etc.

Q. What is the best carpet cleaning service in Mercer Island WA?

A. Accel Cleaning has some of the finest house cleaning facilities together with expert carpet cleaning facilities in Mercer Island WA area.

Q. How Much Should You Tip your Carpet Cleaner?

A. Generally, tipping isn’t expected or required for our carpet cleaning services, however, you could give from $5 to $10 for each technician in case you are happy with their service.

Q. What iS Accel Cleaning inc Phone Number?

A. EMERGENCY phone number is (206) 947-1928. It is available 24/7