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As a homeowner, you perhaps do not even realize exactly how much dirt your carpet gets from foot and your pet’s paw traffic. Dirt and grit have the potential to damage your carpet by cutting into the carpet’s fibers and thus your carpet gets weak.

This’s what makes your carpets look tatty and thin. And washing this at home all by yourself is quite tricky. That’s why we are here to provide you the best quality carpet cleaning in Kirkland, WA service at a reasonable price.

Having the carpet cleaned by professionals regularly prevents such problems and also keeps your carpet look nicer for a long time. This’s just as significant for the house as for commercial properties, though apparently commercial properties have plenty more individuals walking around there, and consequently involve more regular cleaning.

Even though DIY carpet cleaning can be very effective, but it usually will not take away the same amount of dust as an expert cleaner will do. Additionally, DIY carpet cleaning is time-consuming, hard, and can yet be luxurious in case you have to buy or get equipment for rent.

So, no matter whether home carpet or commercial building’s carpet it is always better to hire a professional carpet cleaner. Professionals will make sure that the carpets are cleaned thoroughly and treated properly, irrespective of the fact with which material the carpet is made of and how dirty your carpet is.

Carpet Cleaning Kirkland WA

Brief Description Of Accel Cleaning The Best Carpet Cleaning Kirkland, WA

At Accel Cleaning We offer high-quality, professional services to our clients for both residential and commercial carpet cleaning at reasonable rates. Our goal is to provide the best carpet cleaning services to our customers. Customer satisfaction is our foremost priority.

As soon as you hire us and trust us with your carpet, we take great pride in offering superior service with distinct attention to detail by using modern cleaning technology and practices. We have only experienced experts to do the job so as to guarantee you high-quality service.

We are highly dedicated to helping you protect your indoor atmosphere, to improve employee morale (in the case of commercial carpet cleaning), reduce safety threats, minimize expenses, and protect the environment for your kids or pet if there are any. Moreover, it is not a franchise, rather we’re locally operated, and family-owned service providers with experienced experts.

And thus, with us, you will get middlemen savings, and consequently, get great deals. So, let’s now know in detail about our services below.

We Use Chemical-Free Cleaner

To clean a residential or commercial carpet we always prefer to use chemical-free solutions to guarantee our customers a safe cleaning procedure. You can blindly trust our carpet cleaners as they are completely chemical-free and safe for your kids and pets. So, let’s now check what our carpet cleaner’s solution provides to you…


Our liquid fruit-based and plant-based cleaners are hypoallergenic to make sure our client does not catch issues related to allergies. We make sure that our clients never suffer for our service or our products. That is why we use chemical-free carpet cleaners not just for Kirkland WA but also for our every service area.


Customer safety, as well as satisfaction, is our foremost priority. That is why we use chemical-free products only. This way we make sure that after cleaning your carpet you can let your kids and pet/s play without worrying about allergies or any harsh chemicals on your carpet

Fast Drying

There are times when you have to wait a long time for your carpet to dry completely so that you can start using them. But with our service, you do not have to wait longer as the equipment we use to clean carpet, that lets your carpet dry within a few hours only. Isn’t it great!

Truck-Mounted System For Carpet Cleaning

Our original truck-mounted system makes more heat and suction as compared to our competitor’s tools. With the help of a truck-mounted system, we are able to provide high—quality service to our clients.

Dries In Hours

Our carpet cleaning company professionals extract as much water as possible from your carpet using modern tools so that the carpet dries as fast as possible within a few hours only, not days.

Carpet Cleaning Kirkland WA

We Provide Longer-Lasting Service

We understand that when a person hires a professional carpet cleaning team, they hope to get the best service and long-lasting service from them. We know that it isn’t possible to hire an expert every now and then. That is why we ensure you long-lasting service.

No Filtrate

As we have mentioned before that we only use chemical-free products, so there is no soap remainder left behind and thus your carpet does not attract any dirt particles. This is the reason your carpet stays clean for a longer time.

Your Carpet Stays Clean For A Longer Time

Your carpet will stay clean for a longer time, simply due to the reason we use only chemical-free products to clean your carpet. We get your carpets cleaned with high–quality products only to provide you a long-lasting service.


Give our carpets and upholstery cleaning services a try, and we make sure you’ll be calling us for every cleaning need in the future. We guarantee this with our dependable, highly trained professional carpet cleaning services in Kirkland WA, and also in other areas.

Carpet Cleaning Kirkland WA

More About Carpet Cleaning In Kirkland, WA

Carpet cleaning is an effective process that captivates 90% of the carpet’s dirt, dust, and moisture. Our team of operators will similarly move the carpet upholstery in a cleaned room to ensure mess-free service. However, we prefer not to move large furniture for responsibility reasons exposure free Carpet Protectionants to lessen the possibility of soiling and stains while cleaning carpet.

Meanwhile, we value enduring work our team will ask the client to decide before start working. We try our best to provide you an amazing job with accurate quotes on the phone and online. Our non-toxic solutions do an amazing job with the clean atmosphere at your home.

For carpet cleaning, we use non-toxic solutions because we value our customer’s health and also the planet’s health. This is the reason we have a green cleaning policy when it comes to carpet cleaning. Simply put, Accel Cleaning in Kirkland WA are dedicated to protecting the atmosphere and sponsoring safe cleaning job for your office or home. This’s why our team only uses non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning solutions.

So, with a clean carpet, enjoy the self-assurance that comes only from knowing that your house is free from unwanted and harmful chemicals – lacking a failure in cleaning efficiency. It means that your kids & pets or your employees won’t be exposed to any harmful chemicals that might have long-term adverse effects on their well-being.

Now as you can clearly see that for us at Accel Cleaning, the safety and health of our client really matter. With our non-toxic fresh carpet and upholstery cleaning method, we provide better eco-friendly performance values and better-quality worker safety and health situation for our team and our client. We train our team in such a way that they pay more attention to your health and safety while cleaning your carpet.

Nevertheless, our carpet cleaning process is not only about chemical replacement. It is a wide-ranging cleaning and reprocessing program, utilizing different kinds of techniques and equipment to intensely improve your indoor air quality as well as reduce leftover that generally ends up in our landfill or in waterways. We work for our client, our team, as well as the planet – that is Accel Cleaning!

Services Provided By Accel Cleaning

We try to earn 100% client satisfaction with our prominent services in Kirkland WA and also in surrounding areas in WA. It’s our goal to assist you to live a healthier life with your family and/or work in a healthy environment with your employees.

We provide our clients a great job with our spontaneous and professional cleaning for carpets and upholstery, and also other surface cleaning needs.

Now let’s see what are the services our Accel Cleaning company provide to customers. Along with the provided service, you can also check the pricing details of the service below. So, let’s know below…

Top Rated Upholstery Cleaning


Accel cleaning experts offer you a great service with stimulating upholstery to increase the lifetime of your favorite upholstery. Our experts put their best to provide you a new living space after their service of cleaning. The process our team uses will take less time to dry so that you can use them just after a few hours of cleaning.

Now you might be thinking why should you hire an expert when you can do it all by yourself as you have time. Well, well, well, the upholstery cleaning service isn’t that easy. You will have to deal with tough stains and to clean those tough stains you may destroy your upholstery.

However, our professionals know exactly what to use and in which quantity to remove those stains and don’t ruin your upholstery. So, as our professionals perform the job with safety without damaging the furniture. We use upholstery cleaning sprays, chemical-free solutions, and also fine solutions for fabric care.

Pricing Details

The regular cost of specialized upholstery cleaning is around $50 to $200. However, the total cost depends upon several factors such as the size of your carpet upholstery, number of pieces, etc. The prices of different upholstered furniture are given below:

Small couch- from $70 to $80

Armchair- from $30 to $50

Larger sofa – from $100 to $ 200

Love seat – from $50 to $60

Van Mounted Carpet Steam Cleaning

The most prevalent technique for cleaning carpets is steam cleaning. This method does not really use steam to clean your carpet, instead, it uses a high pressure to force hot water accompanied by a solution for cleaning into your carpet.

After that, the moisture in your carpet gets removed by the powerful suction method. It takes few hours for your carpet to dry so that you can start using them again. Most carpet cleaners use the vehicle-mounted gear for more prevailing suction.

But at Accel Carpet cleaning we carry van-mounted equipment for cleaning. And the van-mounted machines for carpet cleaning are the maximum powerful machines for suction available in the market now. Because of their great power of suction, it permits less water as well as residues to be left in the carpets once the work is completed.

Pricing Details

The cost of Van Mounted Carpet Steam Cleaning depends on several factors like the size of the

Carpet Cleaning Kirkland WA

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Most people are unable to take away all dirt and dust while moping and/or sweeping their hardwood floors. Cleaning the hardwood floor needs deep dirt removal. Otherwise, the allergens as well as debris in the cracks & crevices won’t be removed fully.

Sweeping as well as moping regularly will only take away the everyday dirt taken by your foot. However, when you hire a professional for hardwood cleaning, they will take the dirt out of the floor and provide you a brand-new hardwood floor.

The specialists use an auto scrubber for your hardwood floor and also a jet gecko in order to clean the hardwood floors. Hot water and these machines will take away dirt from your hardwood floor leaving it completely spotless and new.

When you contact us for hardwood floor cleaning, we send our expert for inspection of the hardwood floor to be cleaned and also to check the existing issues to determine the earlier used solutions.

Once the inspection is done, we send you an estimate and when you agree to hire us, we start with vacuuming the loose debris and dirt from your floor. Following is a deep cleaning of your hardwood floor by utilizing an automatic scrubber for the floor with water and cleaner. Last of all a protecting layer will be applied to complete cleaning your hardwood floor.

Pricing Details

The regular cost of hardwood floor cleaning is around $100. And the cost ranges from $80 to $120 for each room. So, let’s now check the cost of different types of hardwood floor cleaning below…

  • Finishing is from $15 to $20
  • Scrubbing is from $10 to $30
  • Installing a floor sealer is from $15 to $20
  • Machine stripping is from $20 to $60

The average cost of hardwood floor on the basis of its area of the project by sq. ft.

  • 100 sq. ft -250 sq. ft is around $600
  • 251 sq. ft – 500 sq. ft is around $750
  • 501 sq. ft -750 sq. ft is around $1,600
  • 751 sq. ft – 1000 sq. ft is around $2,100
Carpet Cleaning Kirkland WA

Tile & Grout Cleaning

The tile & grout cleaning must be a routine of your regular cleaning habits. By doing this the tiles of your home will always look fresh and brand new. However, if you do not have sufficient time for that then you can think of hiring a professional for that. Professional tile & grout cleaners know exactly how to do the job without damaging your tiles.

Because of the several areas vulnerable to food spills. These can spread disease-causing bacteria as well as soiling hazardous allergens and germs can form there. That is why cleaning the tiles with professionals will help you to take care of your tiles & grout.

The powerful equipment and solutions used by our Accel professionals aren’t found in the marketplace as we prepare them. You can blindly trust our experts for the job as they are experienced and well-trained persons.

We not only save your time but also your money as we offer a reasonable price as compared to our competitors in Kirkland, WA. Our specialists will as well guide you on how you should take care of the tiles after cleaning.

Pricing Details

We have listed our particulars price rate below…

  • Tile & grout cleaning service is for $3 per square foot
  • The steamer is for $1 per square foot
  • Chemical dry is for $3 per square foot
  • Professional power washing is for $0.80 per square foot
  • Grout sanitizing/scrubbing is for $2 per square foot
  • Stain removal & tile cleaning is for $3 per square foot
  • Sealing is for $6 per square foot


Many professionals may charge you for other things such as materials used, time consumed, equipment used, labor given, and also transportation to your area. That’s why it’s vital to discuss before and make a choice on the entire estimate of cleaning services before you hire one.

How Carpet Dry Cleaning Differs From Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning for carpet, precisely stated as hot water removal cleaning, give a shot of up to 50L water into each carpet and then tries to vacuum that poured the water back out. That is plenty of water, and contingent on how much hot water is left there, your carpet may take 24 to 72 hours to completely dry out. Thus, it is good to hire an expert who knows this stuff appropriately!

This method is similar to the dry cleaning that your dry cleaner does to your suit. Professionals of carpet cleaning use dry solutions for cleaning to clean out the carpet. This’s made possible by specialized cleaning products that combine alkaline and acidic cleaning products to produce heat and then release dirt and break up greasy stains from the carpet’s fibers.

Stains and dirt are picked up through this heat-releasing or heat-producing, cleaning method to leave behind an excellently cleaned carpet at your home or office without any chemical remainder there.

Best of all, with dry cleaning, there are NO MORE WET CARPETS for a longer time unlike in the traditional carpet cleaning process!

Free Price Estimates From Local Carpet Cleaners

The real cost of appointing a carpet cleaner in Kirkland or any other place in WA like Seattle, Renton, Bellevue, etc. depends on several factors. Overall, the larger size of the area will cost you more to clean. Additionally, certain sorts of carpets will require treating in a different way, which can cause slightly higher charges.

A handful of the major variable affecting the charge of carpet cleaning consists of;

The Sort Of Carpet You Possess

Some sorts of carpets are delicate to harsh cleaning methods and chemicals. They can need more posh cleaning solutions and methods as well as may take longer to complete the process of cleaning. In such cases, your cost of carpet cleaning will be increased.

The Size Of Your Carpet

Larger carpets usually take more time to be cleaned and consequently will cost you more. That is why it is always better to take an estimate from the company before making the appointment.

These high points are backed and provided by the companies in Kirkland and surrounding areas in WA.

Why Kirkland Trusts Accel Carpet Cleaning Service

Our goal is to provide a seamless and simple cleaning experience personalized to our client’s requirements using the most advanced and safest cleaning approaches available in the market.

Accel Carpet Cleaning Service in Kirkland WA is a leader in the industry in offering customer-centric upholstery, carpet, hardwood floor, and tile & grout cleaning. Our company serves the entire Washington area, from Algona to Woodinville and from Bonney Lake to Milton!

With over 20 years of cleaning involvement, we have discovered that capitalizing on the most efficient and effective cleaning machinery brings the maximum value to our customers and produces the best outcomes.

On the maximum of the carpet cleaning job, we take over, we use the steam cleaning (hot water extraction) technique which is power-driven by the van-mounted cleaning process. This sort of cleaning is mentioned as the “truck-mounted cleaning” too and it is the ideal technique of cleaning by more than 98% of carpet producers!

Additionally, we only use non-toxic, safe, green cleaning solutions so that our customers can have composure knowing that their children and pets will be able to get a safe walk on their carpets once we complete our cleaning process and leave.

We have got many businesses around here rise and fall in our 20+ years of work experience. Maximum of these businesses are initiated in faiths of producing quick money utilizing an unmaintainable business prototype.

A method we have perceived used several times inside our commerce is the “bait & switch”. This’s when a business advertises charges anywhere from $10 to $30 per room, only to charge you triple when you hire them or even increase fourfold once they are at your door!

Now that you have found us, there is no need to concern about such things happening to you. We show the straightforward price and we will gratefully give you a precise approximation over the telephone before we come and start working there.

You can also check our customer’s reviews to see our rating and reputation in Kirkland and also in surrounding areas in WA.

Carpet Cleaning Kirkland WA


Our goal is to help our clients live a healthy life, which begins with a healthy home and clean carpets. Our branded hot steam extraction cleaning procedure enters deep into your carpet’s fibers, taking away an overall of 98% of household allergens and germs from your carpets and upholstery as well as 89% of aerial bacteria in your house when a disinfectant is added to the package.

Additionally, our Natural chemical-free cleaning solution comprises no detergents s or soap so it is non-toxic and safe for your children, pets & obviously family. In addition, we use less water than normal steam cleaning so that your carpets dry in just a few hours instead of taking days. This way we make it the safer as well as more suitable carpet cleaning option for you in Kirkland, WA.


Q. Do you use toxic cleaning Solutions?

A. No! At Accel Cleaning Kirkland, WA, we are committed to eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Therefore, we use only non-toxic, biodegradable products that do not leave harmful remainders or cause any damage to neither your carpet nor the local environment.

Q. What other services does your company provides?

A. Together with our prevalent carpet cleaning service, we also provide a variety of tile & grout cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning services in Kirkland and also in surrounding areas of WA. Every work is evaluated on a separate basis, letting us offer the premium job that we are well-known for.

Q. What type of guarantee does your company offers?

A. At Accel Cleaning Kirkland, WA, we’re supported by a 100% fulfillment guarantee. Additionally, we’re fully insured, which suggests that you’ll be covered in case any problem occurs there. But do not worry, as such occurrences are very rare with our team of experts.

Q. How long do you have to stay off the carpet after cleaning?

A. Let your carpet dry completely before starting using them.

Q. Can you walk on a wet carpet after cleaning?

A. NO! Avoid doing do or else your carpet will grab more dirt from your foot.


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