Carpet Cleaning Newcastle WA

Carpet cleaning in Washington with Accel Cleaning provides the best service. We are efficient and friendly carpet cleaners that cover all parts of the Washington area. We at Accel Cleaning provide domestic and commercial carpet cleaning, domestic and commercial upholstery cleaning, tiles cleaning, as well as rug cleaning.

At Accel Cleaning we have foremost industry information of materials and techniques including stain & spot removal, and also soil extraction. We utilize the finest industry equipment and products for deep steam carpet cleaning treatments possible.

Our job is carried out by professional technicians, fully insured, providing a supple service to encounter all of our customer’s requirements. We try to cover carpet cleaning in all WA areas.

Accel Cleaning provides domestic & commercial carpet as well as upholstery cleaning services. We also cover rugs, mattresses, tiles, floor, and sofas.

We use chemical-free carpet & fabric solutions and advanced equipment. This helps to make us a leading provider of cleaning as well as maintenance solutions for upholstery and carpets. We at Accel Cleaning, cover all the areas of Washinton.

In case you are searching for tiles & grout cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning in Sammamish, Enumclaw, Bothell, Seattle, Kent, Renton, Vashon, Woodinville, Bellevue, Auburn, Duvall, Federal Way, Kirkland, Redmond, Issaquah, Kenmore, Maple Valley, Mercer Island, and also in the nearby cities.

So, let’s now know in detail about carpet cleaning services provides by Accel Cleaning in Newcastle WA below…

More About Carpet Cleaning in Newcastle, WA

Accel Cleaning, Inc., is a cleaning service provider with more than 25 years of work experience in the Washington area.

Our owner handles the day-to-day actions of the business as well as is involved fully in every stage of each mission from the time our client makes an initial call for an appointment comes in up until the job is done completely.

In this business since 1994, we understand the significance of getting the work done right. We have received certification from the International Independent Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner Association.

Additionally, we attend professional sessions that keep us up-to-date with variations in cleaning technology, methods, and chemistry. Our all technicians are insured, certified, bonded, licensed, and highly experienced.

Accel Cleaning is certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration), a non-profit, independent verifying body.

Every single technician from our business is an IICRC expert, having appeared in one or more IICRC-approved institutes and effectively completing a written exam.

IICRC Certification can’t be bought. A firm succeeds by meeting hard standards of commercial expertise and ethics. Let’s now know in detail about the services we provide to our customers.

Services Provided By Accel Cleaning Newcastle, WA

Accel Cleaning is a front-runner in effective, safe, eco-friendly carpet, rug, and upholstery cleaning service throughout Newcastle, Mercer Island, Seattle WA, and also in its surrounding areas.

With over 25 years of practice to back us up, our bonded, insured, and the licensed company utilizes the most progressive methods for eliminating even difficult-to-treat set-in odors and pet stains to restore carpet, upholstery, laminate, hardwood, and tile & grout to a fresher, cleaner state so that you can breathe effortlessly and enjoy your lovely home.

So, the following services are the ones that you will get from our Accel Cleaning company in Newcastle WA.


The prevailing equipment and solutions utilized by our Accel Cleaning professionals aren’t found easily in the marketplace. We save both your money and time on cleaning tiles & grouts. Our experts will similarly guide you to pay attention to your tiles and grouts after completing the cleaning procedure.

Tile and grout are an easy-to-maintain superficial area, but with time, tile sides and grout lines can get a build-up of dirt, grime, and also surrounded microorganisms that can be hard to clean, despite your hard work by scrubbing with your hand.

Beforehand you see it, your once-gorgeous tiles floor has attained a dirty company that does not boaster its original beauty. Keeping the tiles and grouts clean takes distinct techniques intended to help bring back the attractiveness of the new floor without harming its superficial area.

At Accel Cleaning, our professional cleaning squad knows all the tricks, tips, and advanced methods to clean your tiles & grout as well as bring back your tile’s new look so they feel and look like the brand new ones.

And we do not just clean your tile floors, we also can bring that new appearance to shower and tub surrounds, besides, every tile superficial area in your house will be cleaned, freshen up, and also restored with our service.

Additionally, we use eco-friendly cleaning solutions only and we give a serving of our incomes to animal shelters in the area, so you can give us a call today to hire us and keep your house fresh and clean.

Here is how Accel Cleaning can help you to bring back your new look of the tile floors:

  • At first, we start with vacuuming away any loose dirt and also remove debris to prepare the surface for the cleaning procedure.
  • After that, we utilize special cleaning products designed precisely for tile floors as well as grout to aid loosen stains and also remove grime and oils from the floor.
  • As soon as we apply the solution, we break up as well as remove debris utilizing high-tech cleaning expertise aimed at attaining the finest outcomes possible.
  • Lastly, we eliminate any remainder left behind as well as apply the sealant on grout that will help you to prevent future marks.


Accel Cleaning uses the best and updated truck-mounted steam extraction tool for carpet and rug cleaning with its innovative water heating system for numerous reasons. These reasons are as follows…

The truck-mounted arrangement is more influential than the portable one for carpet and rug cleaning procedures.

Steam rinsing and cleaning with water is further systematic than the dry extraction wash. Recent tests approve that this arrangement results in a greater cleaning procedure.

The revolving extraction technique, especially, provides a better complete cleaning procedure, as deeply embedded germs, soil, and also other impurities are removed.

We do not use your hot water or electricity to complete our task at your place. Our tool is powered by the truck-mounted originator and intended to heat the cold water to up to around 235°F so that you get the aids of hot water lacking the cost.


Hardwoods generally last for a long time when maintained appropriately. Accel Cleaning utilizes Bridgepoint Wood Solutions to clean, refinish, repair your floor to a remarkable appearance like the new ones. In the hands of a skilled technician, the solutions will bring back the initial look of your hardwood floor.

Maintenance actions every 1 to 3 years, contingent on the type of use and traffic levels, will keep the floors looking awesome for the lifetime of your house.

An effortless way to state as soon as your floor requires to be refinished is whether washing the floor restores them no longer to a satisfactory appearance. In addition, the dull look, separations, and gouges between boards are found, and look for scratches appear on the floor.


Several upholstery materials are extending from natural fibers, vinyl and polyester, and genuine leather.

Our especially capable experts will find the exact type of fabric each furnished piece has and then pick the safest as well as most operative cleaning technique to guarantee lengthy upholstery life and also complete client satisfaction.


We provide the services essential to keeping the worth of your rugs. Every single rug is evaluated, washed carefully on both sides, with the help of our specially made solution, rinsed several times, then hung to dry in a balanced temperature room. Maximum rugs are washed within a week. Our professional repair consists of:

Reweaving because of damage, wear, or moth holes

Overcasting as well as Cashmere overcasting of the edges

Binding edges

Exclusion of fugitive colors

Fringes (adding, removing, repairing)

Color touch-up



Why Accel Cleaning is the Leading Choice for Newcastle Residents Over Other Carpet Cleaners In Newcastle

Accel Cleaning, Inc. makes sure to provide excellent carpet cleaning skills to both domestic and commercial customers. Our service is just a call away. You can call on (206) 947-1928 now to schedule your appointment for carpet cleaning and inquire about our experts for carpet cleaning service in Newcastle WA.

We’ve been serving inhabitants of the community to clean their carpets, rug, upholstery, tiles, etc. to perfection since 1994, so the people of Newcastle WA, and its surrounding trust us over other services in the area!

Accel Cleaning, Inc. doesn’t just clean the surface, we discard the dirt and grime that you see as well as the allergens you can’t. For all of our works, small or big, our expert carpet cleaners will do the following

  • Identify the problem areas to pre-treat them
  • Choose the finest cleaning technique
  • Apply suitable shampoo on your carpet, rugs, upholstery, etc.
  • Groom your carpet to bring back the initial look of the carpet
  • Extract water and residual cleaners
  • Rinse with the neutralized solution
  • Post-treat the stubborn stains too

As soon as your carpet/rug/upholstery is completely cleaned, Accel Cleaning will examine the whole job with you to ensure you are happy. Give our specialists a call at Accel Cleaning, to start on your carpet cleaning mission!

All Accel Cleaning specialists wear courtesy shoes that cover to guard your carpet. We at all times ensure to place cloths under upholstery legs to keep the carpeting and also area rugs endangered during the aeration procedure.

For a change you can see, Accel Cleaning’s carpet cleaning specialists use an extremely operative hot water removal procedure to get your carpet clean completely.

We clean every kind of carpet in Newcastle and its surrounding area, including plush, Berber, shag, textured, low pile, and sculptured. Our moveable equipment permits us to offer our King County service for carpet cleaning for recreational vehicles, automobiles, homes, offices, and even boats.

For the finest carpet cleaning service in Newcastle WA, call (206) 947-1928. Offering excellent carpet cleaning service in Newcastle, Washington customers have counted on since 1994.

Highly Skilled Steam Carpet Cleaning Technician Newcastle, WA

Our company has the best steam carpet cleaning equipment and experts in this area. Our experts are highly skilled, certified from a renowned institute, licensed, and experienced.

Restore & Beautify Your Carpet

With our service, you will get your carpet restored and beautified. We offer the best services possible to our clients.

Our Procedure That Brings The Carpets And Upholstery Back To Life!

reasonable priced service


Below is our seven-step procedure. It is quite simple. And that’s where the magic takes place! We do not overcomplicate things. And we usage a time-tested procedure to bring the carpet & rugs back to life! At Accel Cleaning, we provide the finest service all over the Washington area.

Full Inspection Procedure

Inspecting the deepness of soil & signs of everlasting staining, accompanied by the help of the carpet as a few of them are likely to shrink.

Similarly, we carry out a dye test to make sure we do not remove the colors of the carpet and also make sure to use the correct solution for cleaning.

Fibre Testing Step

Recognizing the accurate fiber type helps us to determine the accurate usage of cleaning solutions. It also assists pre-judgment on the fact of the stains are removable or not.

Power Vacuum Step

With the help of this step, we extract grit, dust, and also other dry dirt to stop turning dust into a muddy remainder.

Pre-Spray & Agitate

The usage of a specially made traffic lane cleanser will aid to dissolve any greasy soil and also the agitation procedure helps the product reach the deepness of that soil.

Rinse And extract

Our experts carry out this step with the help of a deep cleaning removal machine. It jabs the chemical solution over a 150-psi pump to the pile root removing the persistent soil.

Post-Treatment Step

Be present to any persistent soil marks. A few of them may need more attention.

Pile Realignment

The pile is set correctly whilst damp. This helps to speed up the drying process.


It begins with our branded cleaning solutions. Although some carpet cleaning corporations use severe chemical solutions in their cleaning procedure, Accel Cleaning uses different carpet cleaning products that are considered to be harmless for kids and pets as well as eco-friendly, and the water system of our company is the best in the area.

Additionally, we utilize just a slight fraction of the water for carpet cleaning as compared to other carpet cleaning corporations. We use just 2 gallons of water where others generally use around 40 gallons of water!

We do it over a special method called encapsulation which “locks in” and crystallizes grime and dirt so that it can be effortlessly extracted you’re your carpet.

And our eco-friendly solutions are not limited to the cleaning procedure; we never leave the vehicles running to power our cleaning equipment. Our specially designed carpet cleaning machinery is to be extremely energy-efficient, as well as we always reprocess our used cleaning solution bottles.

Additionally, we do not interfere with our client’s indoor temperature by needing you to leave the doors or windows open during drying your carpets. Our encapsulation technique means that the carpet will be dried and will be “walkable” in just a few hours.


Q. Can Accel Cleaning helps me to move my furniture in my home before cleaning?

A. We can assist you to move the smaller items like chairs and tables, but we will not be capable of providing help with heavier or larger items.

Q. Do you clean carpets as well as upholstery?

A. Yes, along with the carpets, we also clean your upholstery, wood floors, area rugs, and tiles, so your entire house can smell and look fresh and clean.