Upholstery Cleaning for Home & Auto

Upholstery means the fabric and padding that covers your furniture. That is sofas, love seats, armchairs, ottomans, stools, and more are all upholstery fabrics.


What is upholstery cleaning?

It looks quite easy to clean fabric that upholsters your furniture. But the process is more difficult.
Upholstery is used as a delicate material and so it needs special equipment.

  • First, the upholstery is inspected to check tears and damage.
  •  Then the fabric is vacuumed, conditioned, rinsed, and vacuum dried.

Another method that is used is hot-water extraction, called steam cleaning.

Upholstery cleaning service from Accel Cleaning

It will be a great idea if the Accel Cleaning professionals take up the job of cleaning. Accel professionals have access to the better types of equipment and good experience. You should always consult good professional Upholstery cleaning services.
At least twice a year it’s a must to clean your upholstery. Especially in cases wherein you have kids or pets etc. otherwise after every 18 months will also do. A simple test was done before cleaning. Simply take a clean white cloth, moisten it with a little tap water, and rub it along your sofa or chair’s arms and back. If you notice dirt than it means that it’s time for a clean.


Upholstery cleaning by the Accel Cleaning professionals?

Accel cleaning professionals provide you a service with refreshing upholstery, which will extend the life of your upholstery. Our professionals put a new life into your living space after the cleaning service. It will take less time to dry. And it is ready for use.
The upholstery cleaning services are strong to clean the tough stains. And the professionals will perform the cleaning without harming the furniture with safety. They use upholstery cleaning chemicals, sprays, and fine fabric care solutions.


1. Best upholstery cleaning for home by Accel Cleaning

  • Things you should remember before cleaning upholstery at home.
  •  Read the manufacturer’s instructions first. If you fail to read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions, then you will ruin your sofa.
  •  Read the tags if instructions are absent. Then you can surely rely on tags and it can save a lot of grief. Alphabets representing like W- for using water to clean. S- Means to use a solvent-based cleaner and no water. WS means you can use both solvent and water. X means use a vacuum only.

2. Car upholstery cleaning by Accel Cleaning

  •  Car care is also especially important. Car upholstery should get the best vacuum job. Car vacuuming removes dirt which accumulates within the car’s interior. You should know your car well, to scrub it, and find some form of upholstery cleaner. All carpeting or upholstery is not equal. If the weave is tight then it becomes difficult to remove the dirt.
  •  If car upholstery is clean, then you have peace of mind and it’s good for your health too. And it’s simple to clean the car’s upholstery because a lot of techniques and specific cleaning products are meant for vehicle upholstery.
  •  First test the stain remover before using otherwise it may ruin the car’s upholstery.
  •  Pre-treat the leather with a leather conditioner and then apply a leather stain remover on the stains and clean off after 30 seconds.
  •  You can use a watered-down paint thinner formula and cotton for greasy or oily stains.

Benefits of upholstery cleaning by Accel Cleaning professionals

  •  Air quality improves – because of the fibrous nature of the upholstery; the furniture naturally collects dirt and allergens on its own. So, if the professionals do the cleaning deeply to remove dander, pollen, and dust, etc. which cause allergies which irritate the eyes, nose, throat, and skin.
    The professional cleaning will promote a healthy life and fresh air for your family.
  •  Extension of furniture life- professional upholstery cleaning will prevent furniture from staining. Removes odor, oils, and dust too, which are adhered to your upholstery if not maintained. If you
    employ a professional for cleaning, then you can extend the life of your furniture and save money in the long run.
  •  The beautiful appearance – professional upholstery cleaning will renew your furniture. It will preserve the overall integrity of your cushions and prevent it from deteriorate and yours will be a
    better-looking home.
  •  Clean and fresh smell- the food and drinks spilled on your furniture smells only a thorough deep cleaning will rid of these odors from your furniture by giving it a fresh start.
  •  Cleaned safely- you should take care of furniture while cleaning because it is fragile also. So it requires professional expertise and handling. There are trained professionals and use the safest cleaning technique for specific materials by determining the best way to clean.


Cost of upholstery cleaning by professionals

The cost of upholstery depends on the size of the furniture, type of upholstery fabric, or tough stains. After some years the upholstery starts tearing or wearing. You can opt for professional upholstery cleaning services to restore the look of your furniture to its original condition. Whether it’s a couch chair or sofa, they all can receive their beautiful look with the best cleaning services by expert’s exclusive upholstery cleaning specials.

  •  The average cost of professional upholstery cleaning will cost you around $50-$200.
  •  The overall costs depend upon the number of pieces of cleaned materials of the size of the furniture. The different prices of upholstered furniture:
  •  Armchair-$30-$50
  •  Small couch- $70-$80
  •  Love seat – $50- $60
  •  Larger sofa – $100- $ 200

Oversized upholstery cleaning will cost you more. Many experts will charge you for other things like, time, materials, equipment, labor, and transport. That is why it is important to discuss and take a decision of total upholstery cleaning estimate before starting the work.


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