We do not remove all dirt, while sweeping and moping the hardwood floors. Cleaning such floor requires deep dirt extraction. Otherwise the debris and allergens in the cracks and crevices will not be removed completely. Moping and sweeping everyday will only remove the daily dirt brought by foot. But a professional hardwood cleaning will keep dirt out of your floor. The experts use a hardwood floor auto scrubber and a jet gecko to clean hardwood floors. These machines and hot water will extract dirt from the floor leaving it spotless.

Importance of cleaning a hardwood floor

Taking good care and maintaining it regularly is very important. It is always better to use eco-friendly products for your wood oiled floors and surfaces to become stronger and easier to clean and maintain. It is not easy to clean and care oiled wood floors. You can make them shine by using floors-oriented soaps, polishes and oils.

Professional hardwood cleaning services are recommended to keep your hardwood floors looking flawless and highly functional. They use good quality products and equipments to get great results of durability while removing dirt and debris. The experts will give you benefits from an unbeatable clean and shine.

If the professionals are employed than they do it with protection and it enhances your hardwood floor.

Basic professional cleaning services aggressively clean and removes all the debris, oil, grease, hair and built-up residues etc.

  • The appearance of your floor is brightened with a finishing coat of renewer.
  • And professional cleaning is suggested twice in a year.
  • More advance cleaning will include sheen and gloss by using a finishing coat.
  • It conceals the cracks scratches and scuff marks too.
  • Give protection from everyday wear and tear.
  • The life of the floor is extended.
  • Advanced cleaning will require once in a year floor cleaning.

How is the hardwood cleaning procedure carried on?

  • An inspection of your hardwood floor is performed and the existing problems are identified by determining the previously used products.
  • All the loose dirt and debris is vacuumed.
  • Next is deep cleaning your hardwood floors by using an automatic floor scrubber with cleaner and water.
  • Lastly a protecting layer is applied to finish your hardwood floors.

Benefits of cleaning your hardwood floor

Maintaining your hardwood floors once in every six months will give a beautiful long life.

  1. Beauty and health is maintained- wood tends to dry out and brittle overtime. So regular cleaning and polishing will reduce wearing and tearing making it looks beautiful and shiny. The overall life is extended too.
  2. Saves money on repairs – investing in cleaning is much cheaper than repairing. If not maintained time to time than due to dust and grime accumulation will spend you a lot of money for replacing in the future.
  3. Good feelings and comfort – you are relaxed after the cleaning and there is a peace of mind too. A cleaned and hygienic surface is good for your health. A number of health issues can be solved.

Taking care of a hardwood floor:-

If you have a hardwood floor, than treat them well. For its protection, place a carpet over it to absorb all moisture and grit which comes in from the outside. To keep all the scratches off. Always pick up anything being moved over wood or use gliders.

Use vacuum on hard surfaces. If you have pets than make sure that your vacuum has a good suction to absorb all the fur. Use a damp mop. Always clean under the rugs and heavy furniture weekly.

Never use harsh chemicals or abrasives. They can damage the shine and the seal on your floors. Always remember that the more you take care of your floor, they will last for years and years.


Cost of cleaning hardwood floors

The average cost of hardwood floor cleaning is about $100. It ranges from $80-$120 per room.

Hardwood floor cleaning kindCost
Machine stripping$20-$60
Installing floor sealer$15-$20
Area of a project by square footAverage cost
100 -250$600
251- 500$750
751- 1000$2,100

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